Having my first hypnotherapist consultation Tues! :D


I can't wait! She seems really nice :) She does different things and we're going to talk about what is needed and she's going to see what's best for me and everything! I like her energy, I feel she's an easy person to go to (Heh it's good I can get vibes from people just talking on the phone, if you're friendly, it's a good thing! If you're short with answers, meh).

I am glad there is less drama and stress where i am, well I should say there is more peace and quiet, so that's good, I can start healing more and relaxing. I did read a book on past life regression and it seems like just one hypnotherapist session or two really helps the person :)

I have emotional issues but one physical pain, my back from scoliosis. I was born with that, but who knows, could it be from past life? I don't feel it is but who knows :) (Forgot to add, I do have hearing and vision impairment...I wonder if hypnotherapy can help with that...hmmmmm....far fetched yes maybe).

Briar Rose

I am so happy for you. Please ask her to have you remember what you see when your under.

I am so happy for you.

Briar Rose

hey Girly, how did your visit go?


hope this went really well CH!

I try a lot of alternative things for myself and it's important for me personally to try each thing with an open mind. See if it helps! But also if it doesn't go so well or doesn't seem to be helping, don't feel forced or obligated to keep going with it. There is lots of things to try! but I hope it was a good first session :) :thumbsup:


Didn't go, way too expensive :( Hopefully after I move I will find someone cheaper in the city I will be living in.. (Will be living with my dad).