He of the Fiery Sword


He of the fiery sword has always been an interesting card, and somewhat difficult for me to "read". What are some thoughts and messages that you have recieved from this energy fae?


I have just recently made the aquaintance of He Of The Fiery Sword, and I was...well...overwelmed is the best word I can think of!

For me, this Fae is all about protection. He tells you that you are strong, that you can and will overcome anything with his help....and yet...

He also is about pushing you out of your comfort zone to stand up for yourself, for your beliefs, for injustice, and to fight for what you know in your heart is right!

He stands behind you with his arms folded, and lets you try on your own to win that argument, speak about human rights or stand up for the underdog...
And if you need help with any of these things, or you falter in your strength...he has your back, and gives you the support you need.
Your opponent has only to look past you, to see Him standing there, silent and strong, and weilding that big fiery sword!

In my head, He has a correlation to the Archangel Michael.(also with the fiery sword!)
He gives you the power, the courage and the unbending Will to fight for what you know to be true.
And he protects you and your ego, from thoughts of doubt and indecision.

Recently I had this picture of two kids standing in the playground...
one says "my Dad is strong enough to beat up your Dad"...

And the other one says "yeah? well, my Dad is strong enough to know he doesn't have to beat up your Dad... "

I think this one is speaking of He of the Fiery Sword.

(at least that's what Laiste tells me. But then, she often speaks in riddles....)


"In my head, He has a correlation to the Archangel Michael"



I see this card as an elemental Male principle. The image of the sword, as seen in light in the card, is very phallic. Testes are suggested by the sword's hilt. The active male principle comes bursting forth, to use the sexual metaphor, when this card appears to me.

Many of the qualities I would proscribe to the Magician I also find in similar form here, although more abstract.

It is definitely about protection. Protection from outside. Finding protection you need within yourself. Finding your own authentic strength, as Chronata's fabulous examples illustrates so well.

I see this card as complimentary to She of the Cruach. She is the Female essence, the womb is clearly suggested in that card as well.

Any time He of the Fiery Sword shows up, I feel I am with one who knows how to handle a sword, and I feel safer.


such eloquence

so much eloquence, i find it beautiful to read what's been posted thus far.

I never made the correlation between He of the Fiery Sword and Michale before, but now that you mention it, i feel like i've been missing out on something vitably important about this card. It's like "of course it is" feeling.

And boy am i glad to not be the only one to see such strong male characteristics in this card. phew! I've been seeing that as well, and I love how Alissa put together He of the Fiery sword and She of the Crauch. This makes a lot of sense too, as i've always seen She of the Cruach as a female womb impregnated.

The messages i find are usually much more basic, in the form of internal strength. Being strong, or the need to be strong. The meaning i find is more in relation to that of the Strength card in tarot. (I don't really see the correlation here of the magician, i'll have to think about that one). Usually it talks of a particular strength, for example, for one person, it may be a card of "keep it up, trust me, you'll win this fight" and for others it's a message of "you have the strength you need to face this, you need to see it, and feel it, believe it inside yourself" along with an array of other types of internal strength messages. Intuitively i feel out what message is the "right" message, and sometimes use some scrying into the card as well. (hard to explain, but it helps me a lot to pin point what is going on in the person's life).

May strength be with you all, and i look forward to hearing more about this fae from others!


I still feel guilty dredging up these old threads....
Anyway, He of the firey Sword, yes, most prominently its phallic looking to me, even there seems to be a cervix suspended above him, and sparks of light as if semen, blessings for the fertility of the sacred rite.
I see male energies, solar light and raised arms. A very active card.