Healing Earth Reading and Card Question


Hey Folks,

A friend did a reading for me last night with a Healing Earth deck. I looked online to try and find the deck as I had a question about a card. He did a five card celtic spread. He read everything but when he came to a Four of Rainbows, he said ah I dont like this deck and that the card didn't mean anything in my situation. He put the deck up and wouldnt tell me what the card meant? Anybody know??? I really really want to know. LOL.

I am new to tarot cards so I probably won't be able to provide anymore more information on what kind of reading or cards he used.




Thanks for the response. He isn't a master of tarot or anything like that, but he does know what he was doing. As I said, I couldn't give you all the details on what kind of spread he was doing. There may have been more than five as that is what I remembered. The Four of Wands is what stuck in my memory afterwards. LOL.

He did the reading well up until he got to that card. I am wondering if he something came up in the reading at that point that disturbed him enough to make him want to stop the reading.

Thanks anyways.


As Diana wisely points out, it's impossible to give you an answer without knowing the question asked, or the rest of the reading--or in which position that card was in the reading (though, if it was last, likely it was "outcome").

However, as "Rainbows" in this deck are equal to "Cups," we can give you the "objective" meaning of that card and you, maybe, can work it out for yourself. Mind you, this raises another problem. Not all decks are alike or in agreement on meaning. This is a particular deck and 4 Rainbows might not mean, exactly, what 4 cups mean in most decks. If it has it's own particular meaning then you really are out of luck unless someone else around here has that deck and the book that goes with it.

That said, just to sate your curiosity: 4 of cups (rainbows) would normally (and objectively!) mean dissatifaction with what you have no matter how good, a feeling that the grass is greener elsewhere, restlessness. It can also mean pipedreams, laziness and/or overindulgence in things to allievate boredom and gain stimulation--like drink or food, chatrooms, gaming, parties.


Thanks Thirteen!

Your explaination cleared it up for me. I think it fits very well with the rest of the reading! Thanks.


Hi ConfusedOne,

As your learning tarot too, perhaps next time your friend does a reading for you, tell him that you want to know the meaning of each card in the spread not only the ones he wants to tell you lol He must have realised how worried you would be when he refused to go any further with the reading.