Healing Oracle the hand written note I found in my second hand cards


well I wanted to share something as it made me smile!

I bought some second hand cards healing oracle for a pound and some zerner farber.
I had asked the store to put aside cards if found them they said yes sure took my details promised to ring me! yet they put the cards on the shelf so anyone could have bought them.
after a psychic dream starting to have those moments I was drawn into the store.
so I bought two decks to cut a long story short on opening the healing oracle I expected nothing I was counting the cards.

I got home and opened the book inside read this one a slip of yellow paper

The route card to my heart
love you.

I thought well sure wish someone would mark out a page in a book like that for me and write that how sweet! the paper was stuck to a page for the recipient to read it.

I wonder who wrote it, yet its so sweet and heartfelt.

the piece of paper was stuck to a page in the book about friendship and returning home to a friend.

other deck didnt come with anything spectacular yet,

I paid 2.25 for the two crazy prices right.

that aside just had to share what the message said.

honestly wish it was some robert redford lookalike who handed me the deck and wrote that but..ah we can dream. if he did write that note and is still single COUNT ME IN!