Hi Everyone, since this is a learning group would like to know, in healing with Tarots, can one reverse the outcome by using certain cards in different positions from the oringinal reading, or do I have to conform myself with the oringinal reading, and work with that .......hope i have explained myself well, Blessed be.......


i've never heard tell of the method you describe, goldie. however, being a dyed in the wool non-conformist, why not experiment w/ the technique you've discovered and tell us your findings. you may start a new revolution in tarot! nothing ventured, nothing gained! thinking outside of the box is a good thing--you don't need anyone's permission to do it. where would the world be w/o the ppl who were willing to take risks and step off the proverbial cliff? (hhhmmm...remind you of any card?)


Alright then I'll, use myself as the ginea pig, have been feeling depressed and don't know how to get over the loss of a daughter....so off i go to experiment. thanks for the push. will stay in touch, BLESSED BE!

Major Tom

"Changing the outcome" by changing the cards when combined with visualisation of the desired result is the very basis of tarot magick. You're definitely on the right track. }>


I?ve personally worked Magick with the Tarot (once), and it is a interesting field.
I have not read books dedicated to the subject either, perhaps it would expand my knowledge.
Can anyone recomend something?

Major Tom

Quote:JustBlue (13 Nov, 2001 22:10):
I have not read books dedicated to the subject either, perhaps it would expand my knowledge.
Can anyone recomend something?

I only know of two books:

The Magick of the Tarot by M. Denning & O. Phillips

Tarot Spells by Janina Renee

Both are published by Llewellyn.

Anyone know of any others?


It would seem logical that in Tarot Spells there are spells to reduce aging, etc., that you could also apply the same principles for healing. Combined with a crystal layout or two...could be fairly interesting!



There are also some proposals of tarot magick combined with candle work in the book of the Celtic Dragon by Lisa Hunt.

Hey, Tarotbear,

I like your idea of combining tarot magick and healing stones!

I will give it a try as soon as I am fully recovered and in the possession of my full strengh.


Thanks Tom and all.
I actually have Celtic dragon by Lisa Hunt, but is interested in a more in debt look as I stated earlier.
I?ll look into those books Tom, I appriciate it.

tiger lily

The Magick of the Tarot is OOP... could you give a summary of the book and its method of Tarot Magick? How is it different from Janina Renee?s book?