Heart of Faerie or Faeries Oracle


Hi everybody.

Which should I choose first?

HoF or FO?

Thanks so much in advance.

And please som arguments :)

Le Fanu

I would say Faeries Oracle as it came first and I guess that - like it or not, intentional or not - The Heart of Faerie must surely build on the Faeries Oracles. I don't have Heart of Faerie but it feels like a sequel.


I have to disagree about the sequel thing - the whole energy is very different in the Heart of Faerie deck.

As I've been working with the Faeries' Oracle for many years, I can't imagine being without them, ever, so it's hard to make a recommendation!

Both decks have their own subforum here:

Just have a look around! Some people, including myself, use both decks together (at least occasionally), while others claim they don't mix well.

I always feel the Faeries' Oracle has a wilder and more immediate energy, the Heart of Faerie is more mellow and not as mischievous.


I have both, and while they can work together, each has a distinctly different feel and tone to them. Personally, I'd recommend the Faeries' Oracle first, but quickly followed by the Heart of Faerie.


Le Fanu said:
I would say Faeries Oracle as it came first and I guess that - like it or not, intentional or not - The Heart of Faerie must surely build on the Faeries Oracles. I don't have Heart of Faerie but it feels like a sequel.

It is not a sequel.

Although they were made by the same artist, each deck has a completely different 'feel'. Like Faunabay would say, the "Faeries Oracle" has the country/wild faeries, and the "Heart of Faerie" has the city faeries.

I personally like the Heart of Faerie much more than the Faeries Oracle. I like the elegant and soft energy of these faeries... But I know that it's not true for most of people - most of reviews claim that the Faeries Oracle is better, specially because of the companion book written by Jessica Macbeth.

Tanjamuse, I suggest you search for pictures of the decks. See which one attracts you more, and then if you want to make sure that the deck is what you expect, look for some reviews. Both decks are very beautiful and worth having, and you can even use them together. :)


I will probably end up with both decks :)

Just wanted some inputs on which to get first.


I liked the Faeries Oracle for years. I used it, studied it, read with it. It was good.

The Heart of the Faerie is a deck that the instant it came out of the box it clicked with me and I loved it. I got it, understood it and read it with out a lot of study.

The art is similar but they are different. It has been said before it isn't a sequel.

As always it is a matter of taste and personal style but I really like the Heart of the Faerie much better and have pretty much put the Faeries Oracle aside and haven't really used it since I got the HoF deck.



I love them both. But I've known the FO faeries for longer and feel more connected with them :)

In terms of which one to get first, I'd look at the pictures online and see if one draws you more then the other initially.

Also, the books are quite different, the first one gives more for each card, while the second gives you some starting points only. Or at least that's how it feels to me. So the book for the first might help you more when you're starting out with them.

pickled pixie

I would recommend the FO first because the companion book written by Jessa Macbeth is so brilliant and really teaches you how to connect with the fae, without reading that book I would never have had such a powerful relationship with the Realms of Faery! HOF is just as beautiful artwork wise but the book is not nearly as insightful.
Hope this helps
PP xx

Le Fanu

I use word sequel broadly, not literally, as in it is the 2nd deck by an artist on a similar theme. Such as you can see how Lisa Hunt builds on the Shapeshifting theme with Animals Divine and then forks off with Fantastical Creatures. It would make perfect sense to start with the Faeries Oracle first and then move onto the Heart of Faerie.

What I mean is, if it were me, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Fairies Oracle first and then later on Heart of Faerie. Makes perfect sense to me.