Heart of Faerie or Faeries Oracle


I've got the HoF deck and never used the FO deck. It was a gift from the husband a while ago... I really like the HoF deck- but I'm ticked off that my husband paid $25 for it at the store and it's only running at about $10 online. So, if you're going to buy it, do it online! It has a really nice hard-cover book that comes with it, and 3 extra cards that are basically just art- no titles or numbers, I guess they're kind of like wild cards in a way, you can use them however you want. And, if that's standard from these authors, then I apologize for repeating myself. :D

Le Fanu

Just to add to this. I picked up Heart of Faerie today (this thread made me cuious to compare with the original Faeries Oracle.)

Heart of Faerie is best! Much more vibrant! More dazzling artwork, richer colours. You can tell how much has been refined since the Faeries Oracle. I'm not your fairy type, but I think H of F much more readable. (IMO etc etc)


Le Fanu said:
Heart of Faerie is best! Much more vibrant! More dazzling artwork, richer colours. You can tell how much has been refined since the Faeries Oracle. I'm not your fairy type, but I think H of F much more readable. (IMO etc etc)

I also find the Heart of Faerie more readable, the Faeries Oracle has quite a few cards (maybe 6-8 ??) that are quite abstract and similar looking, showing a Faerie that seems to be made up of rays of light. I find these are the most difficult to read in the Faeries Oracle, you basically have to refer to the book for these cards. See first card here: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/faeries-oracle/index.shtml

Le Fanu

I also think the Faeries Oracle has an autumnal brown feel to it whereas the H of F is much richer in its hues.

To sum up, I would say the overriding atmosphere of the Faeries Oracle is autumnal browns, earth and tree roots, while Heart of Faerie is rich fabrics, more Pre-Raphaelite. The draughtsmanship seems more accomplished, the textures more varied.

I do think it feels like an improved version of the first, though I know they're meant to be distinct decks. I like the fact that it has less of a Dark Crystal / comic troll vibe...

Of course I am not a Faerie person (I keep stating, as if I don't quite believe it :D) However, I do think it is important to own and be familiar with these stupendously popular decks, just to see what all the fuss is about!


If anyone is thinking about getting the Heart of the Fae deck, Amazon.com (USA) is selling the deck for $10.

I am pretty sure I am going to get a backup at that price.



Thanks so much for all the answers...

I have now succumbed to temptation and ordered both decks ....

Now all that's left is waiting for the postman...

Thanks again


Surprised Again. Heart of Faerie Oracle (thumbs up) !

I stopped by a used book store in my area which was selling a few decks (not all used, btw) with the thought that I might find something new. They were selling the Diamond Tarot and I thought I might get it since it was selling for a good price. However, I did not realize that the LWB is written in Italian only. That won't work. So . . . they were also selling the Heart of Faerie Oracle and when I saw it, I thought, "Hmmm. Those strange faery cards. I remember seeing scans and I really don't care for them." I had them mixed up with the Faery Oracle. But, being the tarot enthusiast I am and having a bit of time on my hands, I decided to look through the cards anyway. I ended up purchasing them because I didn't have time to decide and because the store allows refunds, I thought I wouldn't be out of any money in case I got them home and didn't like them.

I have been surprised by decks before and this was one of those times. To my amazement (I usually like "lighter" fairy decks) I was drawn in and actually moved. I took my time and the more I looked at them, the more I felt this . . . connection. I really did have to open my mind with regards to some of the more, for lack of a better word, "unpleasant looking cards." Once I allowed that to happen, I was okay and so glad I came upon them. I feel that even though I had the Diamond deck in mind, it was the H of F that I was supposed to get. This was just a few days ago. I have begun a daily card draw. Yesterday, I chose The Shadow of the Past, which made sense. Today, I was all excited about what I would get and after shuffling, it was again The Shadow of the Past. Okaaay.

Also, there were, these three cards that stuck out of opposite sides of the deck simultaneously diagonally while I was shuffling. I thought at first it was two, but I saw that one had another card hiding underneath it. So,I took a look at those, as well. They made a lot of sense to me. Very understandable and relative to what's going on right now.

Based on my previous feelings having to do with the Faery Oracle scans I saw and what people have said who have posted regarding the deck, I believe that the first deck created was not for me, but this one is. Interesting.

The artwork is absolutely beautiful to me (scans don't do it justice - colors are much more vibrant) and it's really like this little Faerie world that Brian and Wendy have created and so you enter it. I have laughed out loud, felt warmth, sadness, exhillaration, challenge, and have been provoked to think. It's rather a deep deck. I look forward to visiting more in the days to come. May post further observations after I've had more time with "them."



I got both of these decks and decided, probably rather too quickly, that they weren't for me. I then put them up on trading but they didn't move at all. So I took another look at them and found that I really rather like them. I've taken them off trading and will spend a bit of time trying to get to know them.

Funny things these fairies. I think they decided that they were at home and didn't want to leave!

Le Fanu

Fairies Oracle I can do without. Doesn't say anything to me. A bit too Dark Crystal-y, veering towards Muppety.

But the Heart of Faerie is special I think. I keep going back to it, looking closely at it, and have it bagged up by the side of the bed in an MRP fairy bag. It has a certain magic for me which the other one just doesn't have. Dark, rich colours, a certain eeriness.

I surprise myself by liking it. There are some truly beautiful cards in it. And it has a totally different vibe to the first one. I know this is totally untrue, but when I look at the first Faeries Oracle now it feels like a trial run compared to Heart of Faerie.


I have the fairies oracle for some time and love the accuracy and bluntness too. I just got the heart of Fairies and realized that many of the cards are the same fairie oracle cards but in close up of their faces. it does bring a different feeling and meaning just by looking at them like that. however, i expected more original work than what i got.
nevertheless, i will certainly be using the HOF oracle cards this month and see how they play along in my hands.