Heart of Faerie Reading Exchanges....Wanna?


Hi folks,

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tarot heart

Ok, I was gifted this lovely set for Christmas and never used it. I'd like to give the faeries a whirl! Let me get it out...shuffling...shuffling... and asking the faeries what this exchange is going to be like....

I have pulled...The Speaker of Truth... hmm...so I guess the truth will come out!! I'm ready!!

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I was hoping something like this would start up! Ah, but I've never participated in one of these before. But well, the only way I can remedy that is to dive right in, right? ;)


Wonderful! Welcome aboard! Wait till Le Fanu sees our new number!!! Woohoo!


I have a question for everyone.

How many of you actually own the FO? I just wondered how many of you already sort of have a relationship with the landscape, and with the country cousins....just for my own nosy self. ;)

Why am I asking?

I know Fanu does not like the FO, but I admit that in some cases the FO helps me learn the HoF. When I get stuck I go to my FO and pull a card, asking my familiar friends to help me with this new deck.

I geuss I'm wondering how pure we want to keep this study. I cross reference other fae, because in some instances I see similarities between the decks, and I see some very unique things too.

For me HoF is a step closer to the human world. I see some of the characters as human, but able to transition to the FAe world which makes this deck very different from FO.

For example:
Card 61 is perhaps my favorite card in HoF. Temptation.

It is temptation within temptation. But it also shows the hidden fae world, the black creature who is hidden in the shadow of the tree, almost seems part of the tree, and the young woman tempted to pick the fruit. Here we wonder, will faery and human worlds collide? How do they collide? What might be the outcome?

Does he attack only if she picks the fruit? What if she turns back, but takes the fruit. Does he attack? Maybe he just loves her and he is watching over her, he means her no harm at all, he is merely drawn to her beauty, her innocence and her humanity. I love this card. It is so rich with so many possibilities. I'll be using it later in my favorite card/least fave card study.

But there are other examples fo this intersection with the human world in the deck, and we may talk about some of them as we progress.

Understand...I don't actually think of the dark fae as evil or bad, as I'm sure many of you don't either. They merely are what they are. A lion isn't evil because it hunts or kills, it is just tragic if it hunts or kills something not usually part of it's typical diet. Killing a human is a tragedy in our eyes, but it isn't necessarily evil if the lion killed the human because the human got in the way. You see?

As you look at your cards, look at how you think in terms of good/bad and evil/pure among other opposites. How do you perceive dark / light?

Temptation is my favorite card because it so beautifully illustrates a very complex and intense potential scenario. It is just ripe with energy....what might happen? What happened before they came together like this....who is the fae? What is in his heart? who is the girl? I often think of little red riding hood...and he is the wolf. And sometimes I see him as a creature in love....other times he is Death.

We as readers make a choice about our perceptions, about how we interpret a card for another. I like to know that I've taken my own judgement out of it in order to simply see what Is.

Le Fanu

Welcome to Onyx, autumn star, tarot heart, nami, kmartin60 and (again :)) to manda. We've already got a nice group together. Let's see who else cares to join us...

I just got in late. Work then dinner guests and an early presentation tomorrow morning so I can't loiter long here.

Just wanted to check in and then go post in the other thread...

Great to see others, like myself, who aren't familiar with this kind of circle, but we'll make it a good one!


Satori, I own both decks. The FO has been with me for many years now, so they're definitely familiar to me.

autumn star

I have both decks. I had the Heart of Faerie first then I got FO - I like them both and use both of them too. I find the Heart of Faerie slightly easier to read with, the Faeries Oracle is a little more challenging for me.

tarot heart

Satori, I have both decks as well. I first had the FO and like it very much. Which is the reason I was gifted the second :)

Le Fanu

*drumming support*

any more volunteers? You know you want to. Come join us in the fairy forest....