Heart of Faerie - The Faerie of Naughtiness


I've already decided I love this little fae!! She is so full of life, desire, and fun!

I puller her card out the other night thinking we could talk. Once I did though I realized I was quite tired and didn't think I'd be able to give her the attention she needed to really talk. I said I thought it might be better for us to wait until tomorrow....well she'd have NONE of that! }) I heard a "you will pay for it if we don't talk now!" eek!! So I decided if I really did want to sleep I better let her have her say right then. LOL She told me to call her Scortia.

Scortia is the fae who will bug the hell out of you until she gets what she wants. :p (I already had that impression that's why I figured I'd talk to her right then) LMAO It's very annoying when you're on the receiving end of that but you can also learn percerviance (sp?) from her too! She is totally like the spoiled brat of a child that can stamp her foot and doesn't accept no for an answer. But again that is needed in adulthood sometimes too. She thinks we give up on things too easily. Look to Scortia when you need the strength of conviction - the conviction that you deserve "it" darn it!!! (whatever it is) She's absolutely the master of this!

She's also there to goad you into having fun!! She says we humans don't have enough fun because we don't think we deserve to! She doesn't understand that at all! It's so completely foreign to her it's out of her realm to even figure it out. So she will be there to pick on us sometimes..... in her opinion making us have fun.....even when we really don't want to. :rolleyes: I can see her picking on us when we're talking to the boss, or police officer, or trying to get some work done that really needs to be done!

She doesn't believe there is ever anything that HAS to be done right then because to her nothing is more important than having fun and getting what you want! :p