Heart of Faerie - The Fixer


This little guy is so cute!! I love his rosy cheeks! And even though you can't see his mouth well at all it really does look like he's got this huge smile on his face. This is one of the few cards that already has a name along with the title. Bueboe fits him very well!

I didn't sit down with him and write in my journal like I have with the others so far. But last night I was feeling a bit down (just tired and a bit run down) so drew a card. He's the one that came out and immediately I did feel better.

Yes, he's the Fixer. Call on him when you have problems. Or when you can't see a way out of something. Or when you can't figure out a way to make things better. Bueboe happily comes in, sweeps up, and everything is better for it!

I hear him giggling as he works. He definitely loves what he does! :D

I don't know exactly why but he's telling me he works for the Queen. I have no idea which Queen that is, but he's told me that three times now. (shrug) :)

And he says he really can't teach you what he does because it's what he does! :bugeyed: Okayyyyy! But to call on him when you need help because he's a helper faerie and that's what he does! :D

I don't mean this is any way to be negative, but I'm getting the impression that he's not quite all there. :p He will fix anything but don't try to have a true conversion with him, because his mind doesn't think like ours. He's got that childlike innocence and joy for what he does even though he's an extremely old faerie!

I just want to cuddle with him, but he'd jump out of my arms telling me he had things to do, things to fix, no time for cuddles! And off he'd go!


When I combined the two decks, I found that the Fixer and the Bodacious Bodach seem to have a lot in common.

They both try and fix things, but the fixer actually does a much better job of it, and only does so when you call upon him.
Unlike the Bode, who just wants to help so much that he ends up meddling.

I instantly imagined the Bodacious Bodach reporting for "fixing duty" to the Fixer, and the Fixer clonking him on the head with that mop.