Heart of Faerie - The Paradox


Okay...this is my least favorite card. He jumped out at me and frowns both ways...if that is even possible. He is glaring and won't tell me anything. Like he is mad at me...but I haven't done anything yet.

He seems rough and harsh and not at all like someone I would want to hang with...but of course we shall see.


Funny...I instantly took a liking to him!

I feel a sort of pity...as he seems stuck in Time...which would make sense, since he is a Paradox. In many cases, a Time paradox represents something that cannot exist...and yet here he is.

He seems almost like he is in the middle of a shape shift, before Time played a trick on him.

He seems to be created out of riddles, and mind bending truths.

I'll have to spend some more Time with him, and see if he won't tell me more of his story.


Good for you. He still won't speak to me...not sure what i did...I'll have to sit with him and bit and see if he will give it over.


It might just be that he's mad at himself!
Give it Time.

I like that the book says he is the balance...the good with the bad.
But it seems he's almost frustrated with that role.


Interesting. I haven't read with the book that seems to be a good take.