Heart of Faeries Oracle. 3 untitled cards


What are you all doing with the three untitled cards? I took mine out but am not so sure now.



I left mine in...as the Pay Attention To Details Around You cards!

If one comes up...it's the faeries's way of telling me I'm missing something obvious. Then I draw another card.

Sometimes it's the image of one of the three that gives me the answer...and sometimes it's the second card I pull.


I started to take mine out, but then I looked at it and felt like they were telling me to "make what you want to of it." The context was appropriate in the spread and I realized the outcome would be whatever I wanted it to be, it would be... I hope that makes sense. I'm kind of confident that what the card means will be obvious when it appears, depending on the situation/reading/question. Sometimes there are many silent words in a face even when nothing is spoken... ya know?


I keep them in. :* And if they come up I just listen to what they have to say. All the faeries talk whether they have titles or not! :p })