Heart of Faery: Favorite Card


I know several people have posted about their favorite cards in threads about that particular card but I find it useful to have them in a thread so I can "see" the positive aspects people have connected with in the various cards...I had a VERY hard time with this because I have tons of favorites in this deck but I finally decided on....

#63 The Dreaming...I'll say this card represents the Faery of Dreams...it features a lovely red headed Fae/human in the center with a crown of flowers...eyes closed...while all around her are various fae folk...faeries, gnomes, woodland creatures....the lovely details in the background are sort of what drew me to this card...

The Faery of Dreams says that dreams are all around us....things we cherish, things we adore, adventures we are meant to have. They swirl around us constantly...waiting for their moment, waiting to be noticed, waiting to be embraced...For there is that kind of dreaming....and another kind too...our night time dreams bring us closer to Faery....for in that twilight world of crazy riddles, symbols, and ideas...we are closer to faery than in our waking moments.

I love the background of the card,...the lovely red head with eyes closed (I have red hair by the way)...she is focused on faery and on learning as much as she can about the fae and the dreams that are part of her life's journey....Dreaming is spiritual in nature and I think that is part of what made me pick this card...for dreaming is ACTIVE and INTUITIVE....


My favorite card is the Green Woman. I've posted a whole thread about her and what she said to me! :heart:

But I just love her attitude! She's part of nature and a bit snooty too! Looking down her nose at us humans. LOL But she very able and willing to help us out too!

pickled pixie

My favourite is 'prick up your ears' from the moment I saw her I felt a connection with her and when I pulled a card to see who was my faery guide was guess who showed up!!! :D She told me her name was Marnie a Miffle and she's as fascinated with our world as we are with hers! I place her card on the mantle so she can watch us all day long :D


Favorite card...this was really really hard with this particular deck. I rather like them all (well, ok...not all...but 90%)

Some really resonated with me right away...
The Queen of Hearth and Home, and the Queen of Bedlam...

The Thief...and the Temptation...ooh... the Big Behind, and the Hidden One! ooh yes...especially THAT One!

OOH...but the Dreaming...yes...I LOVE this card! It feels right, and resonates so strongly within, and I feel comforted and blessed every time I glance at it (and sometimes the faery in the background is Penelope Dreamweaver...and she waves to me!)

but oh...I don't know how to choose.

Strangely enough, the faeries chose for me!

When I first picked them up from their box, and removed the little band, I cut them, and looked at the top card.

#28 the Magician. Truly a Fantastic image.

As I set out to get to know them a little more, doing small one to three card readings and asking questions...I became a little suspicious.

In four spreads, the Magician came up four times.

Why is He following me, exactly?

Ok...the obvious reason was there..I absolutely adore the Magician/le Bateleur(in his shape shifty guises) in the tarot.

It's the card I most aspire to. it is what I have wanted to become in the last three years.
The Will and immense power for manifestation and creation of the Magician, and the skill and ability to lead and mislead, guide and misguide perceptions of le Bateleur...I have tried to attune to them both.

But here in the Otherworld ofFaerie, it was an unexpected delight to see Him again.

and even more unexpected to glance at the book, and to discover that the Magician is a She...
Really?...Closer inspection proved that maybe...we were both right.

The Magician doesn't care about labels...and is the most androgynous figure I have yet encountered in Faerie...

And I kept looking...why does (S)he look so...familiar?

Oh...of course...it's because I have that ruffled shirt and that purple velvet jacket in my closet...that must be it! yep...and those striped pants too...uh...yeah.

OMG...this card...looks like me! I mean...it really does resemble me.

To be sure, I asked the spouse(casually)...who does this look like to you?

He says...That card is you.

With my Taurean staff of support in one hand,(my spouse is a Taurus), and my crystal ball in the other hand.

and the cards...the marseilles cards dancing around me in the wind!
(Oh...how I have just come so recently to love/loathe them!)...

and every one shown, is a card I clearly understand...even by the placement of where it hangs in the air!
(just as I suspect the un named card is the one directly under the winged unicorn's tail.)

This card is becoming me...it is holding a mirror to me, and letting me see something truly profound...I am just now beginning to understand the message.

And it's following me.

How can I NOT find this card my favorite?




This is tough to pick, I cannot pick just a single fave. Without having the deck in front of me, these are the ones that are in my heart for whatever reason.
The Faerie of Growth really stands out to me, her blue-green colour, the way she is positioned, almost with her back to us. Her glow.
Rememberance for his sad sad eyes.
The Boy because I see so much of me in him and that big grin.
Prince of Light for that is my husband to a T. (I swear he must have posed for Brian Froud!)
The Queen of Passage and her raven consorts.
the Queen of Laughter simply because she is!
And Prick up your ears reminds my of a good friend of mine. I cannot wait to show her the deck! :)

And I love the namesless card with all the mushroom pixies all a chatter. Such lively little critters!


Hope, but I wish they hadn´t added the little yellow faerie. The yellow in the main faeries wings and flowers show hope enough.


The Blessing

The first moment I got this deck in my hands and layed my eyes on every card from #1 to #65, one drawed instantly my attention and for some reason I knew that was the most special card for me. The fairy of blessings have an inexplaineble charm on me.


I think one of my faves has definitely got to be the Fixer. There is something so adorable about him and I just want to pick him up and put him in my pocket for safe keeping...not that he would stay there. He looks so happy and his eyes are kind and I love his messy fluff of hair.

I guess he's a lot like me in a way. I don't really like to cover things up necessarily but I do try to fix things and try to make things right again.


Looking through this deck feels like looking through someone's family photo album, "Oh look, there's Uncle Glompff Ffitsgubbit! He was so young then, look how big his ears were! They're much smaller now, he doesn't hear too well anymore."

So it's like trying to pick one's favorite relative. Funny, I had NO Problem picking my least favorite. For now, my favorite is The Elven Knight. I like how I have to look at it for a long time before I can see everything and everyone in the card. It reminds me of walking through the woods when I was younger. I really like how it captures that between the worlds feeling, seeing bothe at one time like a film overlay.