Heart of the Faerie. Offically freaked out!


Ok people, a little support here please as this deck is having a really powerful affect on me, and I wasn't ready for it.
The deck was here when I got in from work yesterday evening and I immediately opened it and went through looking at the images. I did a short new deck interview (saving the long one for a couple of days time), and got some good feedback from the deck. I've not been at work today, so I've spent some time studying the book and the cards. One of the first images of this deck that I saw on line was the Queen of Hearth and Home. I love this image, particularly the mask (I have a thing about masks. including a masquerade mask tattoo!) and tend to feel affinity to masked cards. So, after reading a few threads on here and looking at the book, I asked the deck who my faerie guide would be, and was a tad surprised when the Queen of H and H came up, but pleased. I asked if there was anyone else I should look out for, and the Juggler came up. So, guide and assistant.
So I've played and shuffled and done a couple of self readings, but nothing too heavy, just getting to know the cards. I was about to put them away when I felt the urge to see the Queen, so I turned the deck over, went through it and found her. With the Juggler right behind her in the deck!! Both of these cards had come up today, miles from each other, but when I look for them, they are together?
What else can I expect from this deck and how can I best utilise the relationship between these two cards?
And just any other faerie advice. I confess, I was a sceptic over the Fae, but I'm coming around fast!

pickled pixie

Have you checked out the Froud Faeries study group Sasmi? There are some great stories about how the fae have affected peoples lives! šŸ˜Š