"Hedgewytch" cartomancy practice


Is this method different than the playing card oracle?


inertia said:
Very interesting! I've just checked your post Inthetree, it's really great. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with tarot cards.. As one of my friends say, I'm the "oracle boy" :p Playing cards are my passion (I use three systems, Hedgewytchery, Regina Russell, and my Greek method I inherited from my ancestors) and the Lenormand deck is my companion. I am really sad that this thread is not active.. I guess people are not in fond of playing card readings anymore, or even more of the hedgewychery system.

OT: inertia, you should start a Thread about this Greek method!


ann823: Hello! :) Yes, Hedgewytchery is completely different than the Playing Cards Oracle by Ana Cortez. It has been posted years ago online and you can find it at the Internet Archives.
Here is the link: http://web.archive.org/web/20080210083822/www.hedgewytchery.com/cartomancy.html

Fire Cat: Hello to you too! :)
Actually, I was thinking to open a thread about my Greek method, but I'm not sure how it would work out.. I wish to share this knowledge someday with people around the world. It is totally different from all the other cartomancy methods that are already known. Unfortunately, there is no book written for this system. It's sth "new", fresh with a very very old tradition, that has passed from generation to generation. I also thought that I should better create a blog first, where I could explain all the meanings of the cards and elaborate all the spreads step by step with sample readings and then open a thread here for people who want to practise with it and master the method. Hope i'll start soon..any recommendations are welcome :)



I found this by chance when I was trying to find the old site again. Love this method, but I wonder about the history of it, because it seems it goes along with the meanings/method I was taught by a family member many years ago. Is this a revision of a Gypsy method???? This is the best playing card method I have came across in print/internet so far.

Maybe this is an American Gypsy style method???? Red is better luck than the black cards..I've never seen this in any cartomancy book, but I was taught it in the 70's.



Hello Freddie!
Thanks for sharing this new link. I also found it few days ago, but I prefer "the original" pages because the spreads are depicted more clearly. As for the history of this method, I'm not sure about what to say..Playing cards have always been my passion. All these years, I have come across a lot of different systems of cartomancy and I have to admit some of them are amazingly unusual (e.g. I met once a woman working with two full PC decks at the same time all in one). Cartomancy systems are as old as the creation of these cards, and noone can say for sure where or by whom they were generated.. And this is the magic of these decks.. the mystery behind the symbols.. Of course, gypsies popularised the use of playing cards (and Tarot) worldwide..Historically speaking, I'm not even sure if we can talk about "American gypsies"..


Bringing back this old thread to ask if anyone has any input on the elemental associations:

:diamond: is fire because the stones seem to radiate their own light. This glows.
:heart: is water because blood is like water. This flows.
:spade: is earth because, lets face it- this is a type of shovel, and yes, a weapon too- I dig it.
:club: is...... air??? This I don't get. It's bugging me. Why would :club: be air (other than being the only element left). Any ideas?

If you don't have the answer, would you like to revive the reading exercise portion of this thread?


Is this the method that starts with all the rhymes, i.e. "The firstmost rule is easily had/red cards are good, black cards are bad?" If so, what luck! :) It was passed onto me b/c the person who'd had it before me said it was too complicated and gave up (esp. lucky since I don't see it on the internet anywhere!)

How would I join in?

ever grateful,


Also, intertia, please do teach/publish the Greek way of reading cards that you've learned. I collect playing cards (I love the size and variations!) and would be an avid and attentive student :) Thanks!


Oh, and the moon corespondence is mentioned in this Hedgewytch method. Diamonds is the growing moon, up till the first quarter. Hearts is from first to full. Clubs to the third. Spades to the new moon.

How would you interpret 3:club:4:heart:A:club: in terms of relationships? I'd say that things changed, plans and wants changed on one of the sides, which leads to a rather stable relation, yet one you have to keep working on, again and again from the start. Far from fluffy happiness, hm?

I'm sorry, but Yurikome, would you mind if I gave the cards a quick interpretation (I don't have the book/papers before me, just the rhymes in my head)?

O.k....Three shows things growing, which with the club could mean callings and plans. This, to me, would seem to be the ideal state for a burgeoning relationship. It's still a club card, which is black, so it's not entirely risk-everything-for-this optimistic, but esp. with the next card (4 of hearts,) it could be the beginnings of a very stable and positive relationship. This would be the time when you'd be laying down the groundwork of who the two of you want to grow into being (again, as it finishes with a club.) It appears to say that this is a get-to-know-you phase where if you're honest with each other, a strong relationship could grow organically from just making plans/dates and calling on each other. As before mentioned before, the 4 of hearts cinches it--this could be the stable, calm, happy, loving, sharing relationship you might be desiring and it seems to reflect that the other party's intentions are upright, honest and similar to your own, even in terms of future plans. The Ace, of course, is the surest sign of success you can have. Because it comes as the Ace of Clubs, perhaps this is a business partnership instead of love or a even a romantic relationship that will be handled like a business. Either way, with the Ace success is the outcome. True, the relationship may not be "fluffy," but I think you might get something more out of it because it isn't so transitory and one-dimensional. Have you been looking for love or a business partner with whom you can be passionate about the product of the business, but in either case, are you looking for something long term? Because this could be it.

Then again, I'm new to this system, so please take whatever I write with a collossal grain of salt, lol :)


I'd go clubs as air because leaves produce air. Plus maybe you could tie it back to clubs being the relative to rods or wands which all tie back to trees in the sense that they might come from branches or whittled down trunks. So maybe trees, which have leaves and have canopies up in the air and house air-dwellers, such as birds and insects. Just a guess, though :)


Hello goosegirl and thinbuddha! (So glad this thread is "back").
The elemental correspondences has been a major trouble that I've encountered. I mostly agree with goosegirl. The clubs are related to wands.. They are depicted by clovers, which comes from the latin "clave trinodis"-it was the name of Hercules' club/wand. But, actually all suits are formed by 3 elements. For example, if we assume that
-Diamonds are "fire", we get that Spring is the season (because the first sign of spring is Aries-fire element). And then we have two more zodiac signs to complete the season. Taurus-earth, and Gemini-air.
Relatively, we have:
-Hearts are water-Cancer, Leo-Fire, Virgo-earth (Summer)
-Clubs are air-Libra, Scorpio-Water, Sagittarius-Fire (Autumn)
-Spades are earth-Capricorn, Aquarius-Air,Pisces-Water (Winter)

Hedgewytchery is a great system and some meanings (very few though) are similar to my greek method. I don't actually agree with the 7s as "bad cards"..to me they are more like the "destiny cards" and the cards that bring future closer (can predict events that will happen within a month).