"Hedgewytch" cartomancy practice


Is anyone up for having a Hedgewytchery study group? There's nothing saying that we can't tailor it a bit, like Inertia's comment on 7's, that just opens things up for more perspective and a focus for deeper perceptions.

I realize it looks huge and daunting, but I'm thinking that if we got a little group together to teach and learn from each other we might all learn faster, stronger and have really interesting insights (like what's already been posited by thinbuddha about elemental associations.) It could be like a coffee clutch, lol :) We can read a bit of it ourselves each week and then convene over opinions, questions, readings for ourselves, for others, or having others' opinions on readings...it could be anything we make it.

Would anyone be interested?



I'd love to participate!!!! Count me in! We can start together and hopefully more people will take part in our group! :) We could read for each other and we could post our own readings (daily, weekly etc.) and try to interpret them. :)


Today I pulled three cards.. I wanted to answer a specific question in mind and the results really amazed me-so I thought I should post my reading here, too.

Question: "What are M's feelings/thoughts towards me?"

I shuffled the cards concentrating on my question and on her (M.). I cut the deck twice (in three piles) and I inverted the middle one. I rearranged the deck in one pile and placed the whole deck in a fan position and then chose three cards. This is my "own" style because I do pay attention when some cards fall reversed. And the cards have spoken:

10 :diamond: , Q :club: , 7 :spade:

Q :club: is definitely M. The :club: here does not depict her colors (brown or dark hair, she is in fact blonde with blue eyes), but it reveals her position. Yes, she is or more correctly was my boss. The 10 :diamond: talks about a successful financial matter, and yes working with her was really profitable for me. As for "feelings", the same card reveals that she and I had strictly business relations. I could also think that she had mercenary motives towards me. That's not too bad actually, as long as we were just "partners".
The 7 :spade: here can show that "true feelings are masked". Hidden emotions and thoughts. The card talks about tears, too. Maybe, she is hurt by me? Probably, because I suddenly quit my current position and I decided "out of the blue" to go back home. This interpretation could be applied here, too. In my greek method, there is also another meaning of the 7 :spade: : "working too hard but gaining too little". So, combining 10 :diamond: and 7 :spade: I would say that she may think that I didn't deserve as much, but still this thought derives from her being "hurt" (7 :spade: - tears).

I'd love to read your own thoughts and please post your readings, too! :D


Hello again.. I'll post another daily reading (hoping that other people will join). Here's the thing: I live in a dormitory and on 12th July, I'm going back home. Today (Friday 8th) I needed to inform the administrator about leaving the country and vacating my room next week. So, I pulled three cards to see how things would go. Here are the cards that showed up:

4 :heart: , 9 :heart: , 7 :heart:

Hmm..all hearts!! That's a very good sign! Emotions and no sign of trouble! The first thing that caught my attention was the 9 :heart: (wish card) followed by a :heart: that talks about "wishes granted". So, I knew that things will go just fine. The four of hearts speaks about emotional stability BUT here I believe it represents the place I live, that is the dormitory itself. The 9 brings changes so yes, I'm about to change residence really SOON (7 hearts, which corresponds to the second lunar phase- first quarter to full moon that is 8th July to 15th July) so BINGO! the whole change starts TODAY!
The 9 is of the heart suit and the 4, too. So..this combinations indicates that this is going to be an emotional change as well!
Now, I will introduce more meanings from my "own" greek method, but without "recanting" the previous interpretations. I'm just adding to it! The 4 :heart: is still my residence (not family home) but my main surroundings, that is the dormitory and the room! The 9 :heart: is also the card of our subconcious, but it appeared reversed in the spread-so, I must say that I have some worries about the place and that's so true, because lately I don't sleep well due to being anxious and stressed about having it all done in time (7 :heart:). The 7 :heart: still carries the same lunar correspondence, but it also appeared reversed-which means that I will encounter small delays(a fact that came true actually, and I had to wait for the administrator for a bit, as she left unexpectedly)!
I purposely DO NOT read 7s as "bad" cards, and I will remain faithful to it, because my "experience" taught me that 7s are just time cards in my spreads and the cards of "Destiny".

Waiting for your replies!!! :)


Hello, inertia,
I have only just logged on after weeks of not checking anything here. I'd like to comment on your reading where M was the Q/C. I might have gotten my cartomancy techniques all blended up into one, but I'm pretty sure the Hedgewytchery method explained sevens as being the obstacles..? (sixes were the road you were taking, sevens - looking at the pattern of pips on the cards - puts a bump in the road). So 7H was "all obstacles lifted", 7D was obstacles in financial matters, 7C was obstacles at work, and 7S I would read as an unsurmountable obstacle. Just cannot do anything about it at this time. That's the first thing that came to mind.

If I were to look at those and interpret them from the beginning as I remember:
10D QC 7S

red - black - black, situation is getting worse, the best chance for anything has passed you already

D - C - S - I would guess your business attitude is one of the reasons why M's feelings are not too warm - it looked like you were doing this strictly for the money, focusing on the task at hand, there's no human aspect here.

10D - very good financial standing
QC- career driven person
7S - obstacles that cannot be overcome
This last set of meanings looks like what M could be thinking of you: your drive and passion for your work made her feel that it's all you ever care about. I couldn't say if she's hurt (badly or less so), but she has taken this image of you as a fact which she can't change.

I hope that's not too pessimistic...


Sorry to have been away--Who wants to make this into a sub-forum Oracle Study Group?

Hi all, it's goosegirl :)

Would anyone here be interested in making a Hedgewytchery sub-forum Oracle Study Group like the 3 that are at the top of the Oracle Study Group page? I've been in contact w/ Yurikomi about it since she started this thread and I've just written the administrators asking them to consider granting us our own group...that is, if anyone here'd be interested? Due to unique circumstances, I have the availability to touch base daily, so Yurikomi and I were thinking that, if it'd be o.k. with everyone, I'd kind of host the group...but this is a democracy, so what do you think?

Also, I was wondering your opinions/preferences on a few group staples, such as:

How often would you guys like to meet up online (or be able to stop in for new content)--Weekly? Bi-weekly?

If anyone here would like an actual time for the lot of us to get together and chat, does anyone have a preferred time & what time zone are you in?

How would you like to read? For ourselves? For each other? For someone anonymously outside the study group for fun? Or maybe a mix of all these ways or something more?

Should we have a weekly topic/focus to discuss?

One of the greatest things we have going so far are there are people here who know a bit of other cartomancy or tarot along with Hedgewychery, allowing us to figure out what works and fine-tune our accuracy a bit :) Everyone who's here so far brings so much to the table, so let's open the thread up for ideas on what the group would like in a study group and then we'll sort it out by voting for our choices. Does that sound o.k.?

(Meanwhile I'll surf a few study group boards and see if there's anything else out there to help guide us :) Also, I should be able to interact on the readings newly posted by tomorrow evening at the latest...just to keep the momentum up :) You're a good group--this'll be fun!)


p.s. My answers to the above questions are...

Re: How often to meet--weekly or bi-weekly?
I'm good either way.

Re: Time zone? And time to meet?
I'm in America, so I'm Mountain Standard Time.
As to what time--late mornings to afternoons are best for me.

Re: How/who to read for?
A mix of all 3 ways might make us really sharp readers and it allows us a chance to get imput from friends on our own readings. Maybe we could break it up, though, so we wouldn't be overwhelmed--possibly a reading for ourselves or another member weekly with possibly reading for an anonymous Aeclectic member monthly?

Re: Should we have a weekly topic/focus to discuss?
I think it could be a fun way to make our way through all the Hedgewytchery material--it could be like a coffee clutch, like gathering for a cup of joe and just shooting the breeze about whatever the topic is, like an intellectual salon in olden days, lol :)

Thanks for reading all this and I really hope some of you might be interested in having our own study group :)

(again, lol!)



here are my responses:

- weekly is good for me, I think biweekly I'd loose a bit of focus/forget I was doing this

- I'm in central europe, so CET time (GMT+1). Most times are ok for me, but the best would be from 9 to 14 my time.

- we can do separate threads for different types of reading exercises, for example:
a) we do a reading circle, where each person reads for the next one (the last one reads for the one who started the string), that way everyone gets and does one reading
b) we can ask questions regarding anything and have the whole thread devoted to people posting their readings for it
c) we can post a spread of a personal reading (or for someone else, who agrees to this and remains anonymous) and have everyone interpret the cards in their own way, only to reveal the situation it was about at the end

- i'm sure there would be room for "random" threads, like someone hitting a spot on meaning with a card combo that might have been not so obvious - generally sharing reading adventures

- as to weekly topics I think that's cool too. Aces, twos, combos, spades, spreads etc. All fine.I'm especially interested in the original spreads mentioned on the Hedgewytchery page. I remember trying them and really failing, I'd like to compare experiences. Maybe someone has a great time using them and could "mentor" us or something :) Also card combos, I didn't bother memorizing the ones from HW because they seemed on one hand obvious, on the other limiting. So we can study 2 and 3 card combos trying to find some general, case independent meanings for them.


Hi there, Yurikome :)

I'm so sorry to have misspelled your name!

Your ideas sound right on the mark, you've a definite sense for how to balance things out. You're a valuable friend and asset to any study group!

Warsaw! :) I'm smiling b/c I'm 1/2 4th generation Polish (Zakopane and Gdansk.) Dobry wieczór :) I only know little bits of the language b/c my great-grandparents spoke half in English and half in Polish. O.K., so that's a 9 hr difference between just we two, so even at the earliest I wake, 14:00 Warsaw time might be a pinch...but this'll work out alright :)

I think I'll PM the others in this thread and see if they'd still like to be part of a study group.

Until then, Yurikome :)


I wouldn't worry too strictly about the exact hours of get togethers. We can just make it a point of starting new cyclical threads on a specific day, and not stretching the discussion farther than a week. So that on the next fresh cycle we can start anew and not drag things on. Unless something super interesting arises, of course.



I can only join in on the weekends, but I'll be there! I'm definitely interested in this method, it seems more down to earth to me than Tarot (which got heavily overdosed with psychology and esotericism IMHereticalO ;) )

I want to work through the material, especially *because* it's so huge - I'll never have the discipline on my own LOL! I'm fine with all your suggestions so far ... just not all at once, we'd need to find a way to spread it out somehow - say, new material for the week on Fridays, discuss this until Thursday, and readings on Sunday (just naming random days of the week as example).