Help identifying Conver reproduction/facsimile

Essence of Winter

I bought this deck without a box and am having difficulty discerning the manufacturer. The backs of the cards are quite unique and I have attached images of The Fool, Two of Coins and the card back.

Does anyone know the manufacturer?


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Cool find! Did you pick this one up on eBay?

Essence of Winter

This deck is published by Thunder Bay Press. It is the best cheap deck you can get: card stock, print value, etc. IMHO

Brand new it sold for $10 a few years ago. It came in a long, purple, rectangular box, as a set, but the book it was sold with was absolutely useless.

Here is a necropost:

Here is a direct link to the deck:,290.aspx

It retails for $14.95. I wonder if they've upgraded the book?

Ah, okay. Thanks.

I do like the size and quality of the cards, although no. 21, The World is misprinted in that it is badly aligned (over to the left with a large margin on the right). I will contact the publisher and ask if they can send me a replacement card but since I didn't buy it new, they would be under no obligation. Lo Scarabeo gave me replacement Strength and Justice cards to replace the misprints in my Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn deck so publishers can willing to help.

I'm happy with the deck anyway and will continue to use it.

Essence of Winter

Cool find! Did you pick this one up on eBay?

Yes. I won the auction for the princely sum of £2.08, the entire price including P&P coming to £4.28 :)

The seller is a professional reader and had a number of other decks in bags (as mine came in) including an Original Rider that I think might be the older Belgian one but since I already have one in a box, I thought I'd let someone else get a bargain.


I LOVE that deck. It makes great coasters... :D and babies can teethe on the cards...

But seriously - to anyone else in need - you could get just the deck for less on bookdepository - in a box which is such a tight fit that - well, it's kind of fun getting the deck out... Seems to be out of stock just now - but it's up for £2 on amazon. ISBN 9780753722992

I got mine in the box with the book - which dealt ENTIRELY with RWS cards, so wasn't very helpful !

Goodness - looking at bookdepository, it now comes with a book by Juliet Sharman-Burke as well...


oh I got that one too, no book though.


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I picked up one of these new in a Half-Price Books in Seattle a few months ago, labeled simply "The Tarot Deck". It has the ISBN listed by Book Depository. On the bottom of the box, along with the ISBN barcode, it says " £12.99". There was no LWB and no other information on the box.


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Essence of Winter

I read with it the other day and it works as well as my other Marseilles Tarots decks (Fournier and Grimaud Ancien Tarot de Marseilles - the huge cards in the big white box). I really like it.