Help! I've fallen in LOVE with Marseilles!


I like the facial expressions on the Burdel's - LoS Tarot of Marseille and LoS Universal Tarot of Marseille,that I'm using. I never realised just how expressive these decks can be and although all the ones I'm using are re-coloured versions, they all have good, readable expressions - even the animals :)


Hello DesertDream,

Welcome to the TdM world. Here's my opinion of the three decks you mentioned:

The Sola Busca is in a world of its own. The trumps are figures from the Roman Empire and the Bible. The suit cards may be alchemical emblems. There are two books on the deck by Cristina Dorsini and Giordano Berti. You will probably have to send to Europe for both of these.

Le Tarot Noir is probably the closest to a standard TdM. But it's unique enough that books on reading the TdM by Ben-Dov, Jodorowsky, etc. will mention card details that you won't see.

The Soprafino is actually a spin-off of the TdM done by the engraver Carlo Dellaroca about 1835. You have your choice of Il Meneghello, Lo Scarabeo or the OOP Il Solleone. Each has a very different feel. In 1880 another version was printed by Avondo Brothers, with two suits redesigned. It's published by Lo Scarabeo as the Ancient Italian Tarot. This has been my preferred reading deck for many years.

I have a long article on my Tarot-Heritage website about the Soprafino style, what makes it different, and the different versions out there. (I'd put a link, but I get my hand slapped by a moderator every time I do, even though others get away with it).

My bottom line advice is to always go with the deck you've fallen in love with and that calls to you the most.