Help needed - releasing negativity


At some point in our lives, we may feel/think negatively toward something or someone. It doesn't matter if it's justified or not; I firmly believe that negativity needs to be released.

I'd need your help with a spread that addresses this issue. (Ya, it's my time now to release some negativity built up in time toward someone).

So the question would be: How can I release my negativity toward...X
Would this be the right way to ask this question?

What spread could I use? This could be an existing spread somewhere (I did not find one) or we could build up together or maybe some of you can come up with something or already have a spread for this purpose.

Thank you!


You might want to ask what the source or cause of the negativity is. Even if you think you know, the cards might shed some different light.

And you might also want to know what you are contributing to creating the negativity. Again, your own assumptions may be making it hard for you to see the steps needed to release the negativity


I found a nice spread from Biddytarot's blog in the past here

it's 7 cards....

The Release and Let Go Tarot Spread

What am I feeling right now
Why am I feeling it so strong
How can I release this feeling
What is the feeling transforming into
How can I rise above
What is my new beginning
What have I learned

That is really identifying the strong emotions you are feeling.

If you are asking a question using the world negativity, you are already giving the outcome an unconscious bias and sort of blaming them from the start. Turn the question around to something neutral like "what can I do to improve my relationship with x?" "what can I learn from my relationship with x?" something like that which is more neutral. "what do I need to change to let go of my emotions?" just some ideas, good luck with it!


I quite like this spread. And all your comments are very helpful. Thank you!