Help please -- card meanings


Hello everyone! I have a German Margarete Petersen deck that I'm not using much at the moment because I can't understand the card meanings. Could somebody please send me a copy of the English card meanings in Word or rtf format? I've been trying to look them up on the forum, but I'd really like them in some kind of order, and I figured it'd be unnecessary for me to copy and paste if somebody else has already done the job.

TIA and Bright Blessings


Hi AngelDancer,

Have you taken a look at the threads in this study group?

Here's a link to the index thread - there is an awful lot of information about these cards as well as translations of the book here:


Hi Sulis,

Yes, I have looked at the information in the study group, but somehow I had managed to miss the index link, so thanks for that.

I would still be interested to know if anybody has a translation of the card meanings in the book in one handy Word or rtf file.

Once again, thank you for your help.