Help please?


I bought the faerie oracle as I am a huge Brian Froud fan - Love his paintings.

I've never used an oracle deck before - only Tarot - and I'm unsure how to use them.

I read the book when I first got it - did the exercises - danced with my faeries....

But I haven't touched them in a while - and I keep meaning to and then not doing it - I don't know where to start - I so so want to form a connection with them but feel that I don't speak the language in a way...

I'm not being very articulate - what I'm asking is, can anyone suggest a way to get myself back into this?

And an explanation of how oracle packs differentiate from Tarot?

Thank you! (I'm new)

Sally x


Hi PurpleSal

You sound more like BlueSal today. I hope I can give you a little help here. Just pick a card everyday. I know that sounds to simple but it really works. Ask the faerie's what they would like you to take away from your experiences to day. And then let them talk. They can warn you about how to handle yourself in a situation you will encounter during the day. They can tell you about a wonderful new insight you'll discover about yourself. So many different, amazing things will come from that one card.

Write it down if you want to, or just talk it through with yourself and that Faerie. Don't worry about doing spreads or big readings for now. That will come later (if the faeries want you to.)

Go to your faerie book everyday after you pick the card, and read about that faerie. I see the book as personal letters that each faerie wrote to me so that I could get to know them.

Post your card pick here. There are alot of people here that are passionate about their faeries (me included) and we love to dive into the meaning of a card. I hope others will answer this question for you too. This Faerie's Oracle thread is full of wise faerie people who love to help.

So..... go on pick a card any card. Nameste


lark, thank you. I will do this (I've only got internet connection at work and I have got this in the morning - so as of tomorrow I will)

I'm really excited today - Brian Froud is doing a signing at a bookstore near here and I'm going to meet him.

After reading a lot on this board yesterday I made a conscious effort to be open and aware and talk to the fairies - especially Fairy Nuff who is one of my favourites. I've asked them to put in a good word for me with Brian!

I will spend this weekend re-introducing myself to the fae and I will also start the daily card pick and will post here.

Thank you again!

Sally x



I agree with lark, picking a daily Faerie card is a great way to start reconnecting to Their unique energy.

I also recommend, when the fancy strikes, picking a card before bed, a Dream Faery. You can simply take a look at one before hitting the pillow, or some folks have gone so far as to meditate before bed with the card in hand, or on an altar.

The approach you take to connecting, whatever it is, should only feel right to you, follow that when deciding how to work with your deck.

And I can't tell you how jealous I am of your opportunity to meet the Frouds. Tell us all about it!


I am green with envy that you're meeting Brian Froud. But very happy for you. I just ordered his book The Runes Of Elfland and I can't wait to get it.

I picked the The Topsie Turvets yesterday. I was a little nervous because they are usually attracted to confusion. But they also help you to see things from a different perspective. My usual means of exercise was cut off and I had been wondering what else I could do, when out of nowhere this great alternative came to mind. The Topsie Turvets strike again!


It was amazing to meet them. I was second in the queue and he was absolutely lovely - as was Wendy. I bought the Dark Crystal book and the Runes of Elfland and...get this - when I gave him the Runes to sign, he told me this was the first ever copy he'd signed in the world...and wrote that in the book....everything he signed, he drew a little faerie face on - he signed both books and 2 prints I brought with me - Faerie Friends (Fairy Nuff just had to be signed) and Faery Godmother.

It was amazing.

I drew the Laume on Saturday. And have been making an effort to be generous all weekend.

Thank you again for your posts!

I will post again tomorrow with tomorrow's card...

Sal xx


Now I drew one last night - the something at the gate - can you believe it? It's gone out of my head - I remember the meaning of the card and the beautiful picture but the specific name has gone! (I am a natural blonde).

It's Number 3 in the pack.

THe meaning was the gateway - new beginnings - a new journey - hopefully for me towards the fae.....

I'm sorry I'm being vague - this morning at work is manic and I spent last week reading tarot in Habitat and I think my mind is still settling down!

Sal x


A Collective of Pixies rx

Was my card today. And they ran me ragged. The printer would only print pink and blue, the phone never stopped ringing, it rained all day, the electicity went out, and I can't find my favorite scarf. They've kept me dancing as fast as I can.