Help, what&#39s a reading worth?


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Um, im not sure, but Id say perhaps 20 bucks, thats ok about the sig, being new you wouldnt know, you could of kept your question tho, he wanted to know how much he should charge for a reading

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I think it depends on how much energy you put into it, money is after all a tangible form of energy


I think it's important not to charge more than you would pay for the same reading...

Hope that helps...:)

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I read for people a lot, and I usually charge $20 for a CC, and $10 for a "quick" 5-card spread. In a way it's cheap, but I don't want to be too expensive for people to afford. No one has complained about the price or the readings yet.
Now, when I am reading at Psychic Fairs, I charge only $15, because I'm doing faster readings, and there isn't the privacy that most people like (I really think people are just glad to have someone to talk to).
There is one lady who charges by the minute. Not only is that hard for people who have complex readings, and makes it hard for them to figure out how much they can afford to pay, but it was REALLY annoying when her little buzzer kept going off! >)
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Hope this helps,


I charge $2.00 a card for email readings,
and .65 cents per minute for live phone readings.

In person, $15.00 US per half hour session.

I like to be affordable.



A lot of others have already answered, thus setting the tone to the amount of money you could ask to perform a reading. Still; is that what you meant or do you wonder about the value / truthfullness of a reading which has been done ? I'd say it all depends on the person who did the actual reading, but unfortunatly it seems very hard to me very to tell how much confidence you could put into a done reading. You'll know after an amount of time I guess, then you can look back and see if the reading really turned out as you expected (or imagined).

Anyway, hope this also helps out a bit. The first issue, the amount of money, is something I can't answer, simply because I never did readings for others and it will be quite a while before I'd consider it.. IMO I'm not up for the responsibility which comes with it.


thanks for posting this thread everyone... here's what i've charged or seen others charging for readings in the PacNW (PDX) area.

when i work at the Laughing Birdl, readings are $25/half hour and house takes half.

by myself, i charge $20/half hour...

emails, i don't charge really, not yet.

i have a full time job so i rarely charge but i am working on getting my personal tarot page up soon, so hopefully i will be able to charge small amounts of money for the work and energy i put into it.

my layouts usually consist of my personal version of the Tree of Life with up to 8 clarification/side cards if needed.

as far as why i would want to charge, well, we have psychiatrists and doctors who charge us for our time spent talking out issues, right? well, in tarot... it's sorta the same deal. we have the cards as tools to help us help others out, so why shouldn't we be paid for the time and energy we give to others?

just my 2 cents worth.
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Original Destiny

I charge ?20 for a reading. It can take upto an hour, depending on its complexity. sometimes i dont i dont do it for a living i can be flexible

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Hi everyone, I've been consciously connected with Divine Spirit and using tarot and other decks of cards that are equal to the tarot since 1988. I believe the cost of a reading will very because of the cercumstances. Many readers of the tarot who have been using the cards for more then 15 years or sometimes less than 15 years on some occassions usally have a back ground in Angel work or some other metaphysical area, energy healing or aura readings i.e.. So this is also apart of the work in addition to the card reading. It is unfortunate that money can be such a block for many. I have worked with many healers who have explained to me that if your helping someone you should get paid according to the help you have given, if the help is supperficial then the wage you earn should also be compatible with this supperficial reading in my opinion, but if you give a person a reading and you are a certified counselor in spiritual matters or psychotheripist envolved in soul retrieval, then that's a whole different ball of wax. Please excuse any misspelled words.

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