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One of my New Year Resolutions (conserning Tarot) is to master if you will the Celtic Cross. I want to know the positions frontwards and backwards, I want to know what the different positions mean or represent. I have always tried to avoid this spread partly because it seems there are so many versions of it and partly because I just never really understood positions 1 & 2. Below is what my book says for those two positions, could some one please please put this is really plain and simple terms for me.

1)What covers you
2)What crosses you

No matter what the question is I assume these two cards are like the rest and always represent one thing like in my book card #7 - how you see yourself (no matter the question this position is how you see yourself). I would like a straight forward and simple explanation for positions 1 & 2 (if that is possible) and then I think I can handle this spread or at least not be afraid of it anymore.

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Getting used to the positions of a spread is always a challenge, especially since so many books tend to use archaic or mystical terminology or "tarotspeak" when describing them ("heart of the matter" or "waning influence" are good examples!)...

To me, in a CC spread, the first three cards lay the groundwork for the rest of the spread. I think of them as follows:

#1 Cover: This card is you (or the person asking the question) as you ask the question. In other words, this card represents what is going on for you "right here/right now" as you consult the cards - sort of like a snapshot of your thinking, if you will.

#2 Crossing: This card is literally an obstacle you need to consider in dealing with the question that is being asked. Remember, not all obstacles are bad things - some of them protect you instead of hindering you! But either way, the #2 card represents something you need to get past or through or over or around in order to move forward in this situation.

#3 Basis: To me, this is the most important card in the CC spread. This card represents what grounds or what drives the querent (questioner) concerning the issue that is raised with the question. I see this as the person's basic nature or expectations.

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much Mojo - you have made those positions very clear for me now. I was able to do two Celtic Crosses for myself yesterday and understand (totally) what they were both saying.

Thanks again for taking the time to explain the positions for me.



Part of Joan Bunning's online tarot course includes a detailed description of each position in the CC.


I found it to be really helpful.