Help With Meanings!


Hello Everybody:),
I've always wondered about the "Love tarot meanings"like,what do they mean in love terms*lol*,,where can I find this information without buying a book:-D*lol*,Thanks a bunch!



Missy, your posts all call out for an answer to 'what's all this about', 'I want to learn', 'please assist'!!!

Yet your questions are really far more complex than they may appear.

May I suggest you take a sloooow look at the Tarot Basics post by Thirteen. Although not everyone may agree with all parts, it is a very good thread to interpreting all cards.

I realise you said 'without a book', but really, these posts, or the posts to your questions, are like paragraphs from many authors. You may find that slowly working through an introductory book may be very useful...

With regards to what the cards mean in relation to love... well... that depends on the reading!

It was Rudolf Steiner who wrote:

It is said that love makes us blind to the failings of the loved one. But this can be expressed the other way around, namely, that it is just for the good qualities that love opens the eyes. Many pass by these good qualities without noticing them. One, however, perceives them and just because s/he does, love awakens in their soul.

Philosophy of Freedom , p12

There is here a lesson also for the Tarot reader, for what one's eyes opens to in the interpretative reading will be determined by how one's own heart and mind are open.

Another suggestion may be for you to separate the deck into three parts:

a) the pips, from 1-10 in each suit;

b) the courts, again in each suit; &

c) the Major Arcanas (in order... whichever order your deck uses... don't worry at this stage about discrepencies with posts or other decks)

Once you've done this, just work with a few cards, and after a week of daily glancing and playing with them, ask yourself what they reveal... never mind what books or posts say.

Once you've noted these down, check books and posts, and look for similarities and discrepencies. But please do not assume that it is your notes which are somehow inferior or incorrect when at odds!

This doesn't directly answer your question... but I hope it helps you along your path.


You might want to check out 'Tarot In Ten Minutes' by Richard Kaser.

Got a letter the other day From Kaser- he wants to maybe create a workbook to go along with his book.


Missy: There is no way to circumvent the application of self to the acquiring of knowledge & understanding in Tarot, nor in anything that one would deem as worthy of learning.
JMD offers excellent advice, & as stated, your questions are far more complex than apparent; require a greater investment than what this venue can provide. Although the topic of Tarot is extensively covered in the forums, they cannot substitute what needs to be learned on a personal level.
I highly recommend you do some book reading & familiarize yourself with basic card meanings; also work with a deck.
Barnes & Noble University offers a free online Tarot course that is beginner-friendly as well as it is a good refresher course for the more experienced.


I would check out "Taort made Easy" by Nancy Garen. I know you said that you didn't want to buy a book, but if you really want to be profiecient in the art of tarot, I think you have to do a little bit of homework. But I think that this book will really help you out with your question.