I am new here and in Tarot! I read a couple of books and saw
a few videos!
I am frome Europe but now I live in USA! Green Bay area!
I still have a problem with the English ( it is not easy, trust me)
but I am working hard on that!
I see that you are helping many new Tarot readers here so I want to try my luck!
Can any one tell me the meanings on suits, but in simple English .
Thank you very much and God Bless!


Marcco: Welcome!
The question you ask is not so simple to explain.
The following is by no means a definitive explanation; however, most Tarot books do discuss the basic meanings of the suits & to what they refer. It would benefit you to read the pertinent material & to gain an understanding of the associations.
Wands, Rods or Staves represent the state of the spirit; the creative energy; the motivating force. It element is Fire.
Cups or Chalices represent the state of the emotions or feelings.
It element is Water.
Swords represent the mental state, the thoughts, action, communications. It element is Air.
Pentacles, Coins or Disks represent the material or physical aspects of life; the tangible or what manifests. Its element is Earth.
Depending on the deck, Wands may represent either Fire or Air; Swords may represent either Air or Fire.


cups - creativeness, emotions
wands - action, energy, movement
swords - thoughts/ideas, communication and understanding
pentacles - material possessions, work/study, connecting with nature

geez that was hard to simplify LOL

good luck on your tarot journey marcco



Hello Marcco

I know english isn't easy:(

What part of europe are you from??

Love and light from a fellow europian struggeling with the "darn" english language