I am reasonably new to the Tarot and I would love to hear from people who are well used to reading the tarot and interpretting the cards.

Please, if anyone has any info on anything to do with tarot or would be able to give me some advice could they contact me???

Does anyone do you know if the readings are accurate? Do you have to have a gift or is it just the cards that control the reading?



Hi and welcome!

If you want info on anything to do with tarot, this forum is the place to be! ;) Just browse through all the forums and you'll find loads of information. Feel free to post any questions and thoughts you have.

As for your question, you might be interested in reading this thread on what makes tarot work:



Thanks! Your Info was really helpful. :)


Here is some specific advice for you.

Read old posts in the Reading Tarot section.

Buy a spiral back notebook.

Begin doing 3 card readings (for others).

Do a lot of them.

Only read for yourself no more than once a week.

Write down all readings and all thoughts into your notebook.

After a lot of readings advance to 5 card readings.



Welcome Midnightz!

It's always neat to know others share your interests. It seeems, however, that you seemed quite concerned with "performance";(ie: is it your gift, is it the cards?, etc.).

To me though, reading tarot is an art. Yes, it does take work to develop the skills, but like all arts it is something that, at its best, is something that you do for joy, experience, and fulfillment, and in turn sharing that with others, which is a service to them although it isn't done out of obligation but simply wanting to share and help out of love.

Granted, sometimes you will see things in the cards that are very sad, but overall you are fulfilled by the experience; be it joyous or sorrowful.

Hope that helps!,

PS I agree with Umbrae in that we shouldn't read for ourselves to often, as it's easy to bias reading for ourself, but enjoy the personal artistic studying of the cards as much as you want.


hi. try interperting the cards in your own ways, not by the cards' staple meanings. then try the staple meanings; see which works better for you.