Herbal Tarot - Four of Pentacles - Cascara Bark

Soaring Eagle

You can see the minor arcane cards in Constellation 4.

Description: A woman wearing a crown is seated on a checkered cloth. In front of her are three discs with five-petaled flowers on them, and one disk is resting on her head. Behind the woman are fields and a small house. There are mountains in the distance. A large Buckthorn plant is above the woman.

Significant Details: The five-petaled flowers represent security. The checkered cloth and house represent protection. The mountains are the gateways to the spirit realm.

Keywords: Security, Protecting what you have, Control, Stingy

Medicinal Uses: Buckthorn (Cascara Bark) is a powerful laxative that is no longer used by herbalists. Its ointment is used to treat warts and to relieve pruritus. Culpeper’s Color Herbal.

My Interpretation: This is a time to protect what you have earned. You may feel more secure and stable during this time. Don’t be led away from your path by being stingy, but maintain control of your finances.

Number Significance: 4 – Foundation, Structure, Stability

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The 4 of Pentacles is ruled by the Sun in Capricorn. Mullein is ruled by Saturn. The 4 of Wands is in Constellation 4 with IV Emperor, XIII Death, 0 Fool, and the Fours. Completion and Transition. Establishing and Building. Releasing. Mortality and Immortality. Rites of Passage.

The woman appears to be protecting her discs. Maybe she has worked hard to earn them.