Herbal Tarot - II - High Priestess - Peony

Soaring Eagle

See the major arcana cards in Constellation 2.

Description: The High Priestess is seated upon a throne. There are clouds behind her, and you can see distant mountains. She sits holding a crystal ball in her left hand, and her crown also has a crystal ball. Her left foot rests upon a crescent moon. A large peony plant is seen, partially covering the empress.

Significant Details: The crystal balls signify looking to the future, and could also be representing the full moon. The top of the throne has a crescent moon on top of each post. The mountains are the gateways to the spirit realm. The blue is signifying calmness, serenity. The necklace the High Priestess is wearing reminds me of the symbol for Aries, although I’m not sure it is intentional. The peony is representing the feminine qualities.

Keywords: Calmness; Inner wisdom; Making new goals; Maintaining balance; Unknown future; Intuition; Non-action; Inner focus; Mystery

Medicinal Uses: Peony is anti-spasmodic, and is used to relieve muscle cramps, as a blood circulator, and a liver tonic. It also has analgesic properties, making it good for headaches and women’s issues.

My Interpretation: You may be trying to determine your future, setting new goals. This is a time for calm, rational thinking; use your inner wisdom to guide you. You should try to maintain balance in your life during this time.

Number Significance: The High Priestess is in Constallation 2 with the XI Justice, XX Judgment, and the Two's.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The High Priestess sits calm, regal, upon her thrown. She is meditating. Where will her path take her?