Herbal Tarot - IX - Hermit - Licorice

Soaring Eagle

To see the major arcana cards in Constellation 9.

Description: A cloaked figure with its back to us is holding a staff in the left hand and a shining crystal ball in the right hand. The figure is standing on a pathway that leads to distant mountains. There is a large licorice plant growing next to the path.

Significant Details: The staff symbolizes will power. The crystal ball signifies the search for knowledge. The pathway signifies the path we take in our lives. The licorice plant signifies the feminine qualities.

Keywords: Guidance, Introspection, Illumination, Quest for knowledge

Medicinal Uses: Traditionally used for throat and chest complaints, stomach disorders, and women’s symptoms. (American Nature Guides Herbs by Anna Kruger)

My Interpretation: This is a time for quiet introspection. You may be searching for knowledge on where your path is taking you. This may be a time to seek guidance from someone you trust. Allow your knowledge to help guide you on your quest.

Number Significance: 9 – Completion, Perfection, Patience, Integrity, Authenticity, Illusion (Delusions vs. Reality), Karma, Culmination, Journey into the Unknown, Prudence, Reason vs. Instinct

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: We all need times of solitude sometimes so that we can figure just where are path in life is taking us. Do you know where yours is taking you?