Herbal Tarot - King of Swords - St. Johnswort

Soaring Eagle

You can see the King cards here.

Description: The king is seated on a pile of rocks while holding a sword upright in his left hand. There is a large sprig of St. Johnswort in front of him. There are trees and clouds in the background.

Significant Details: The crown symbolizes authority. The rocks symbolize stability. The sword symbolizes strength. The St. John’s Wort symbolizes freedom from pain. The clouds symbolize hope.

Keywords: Intellectual, Analytical, Articulate, Just, Ethical

Medicinal Uses: “St John’s Wort has an affinity for nerve endings and is used in all cases where there is nerve irritation, whether it be a tickly cough, referred pain neuritis or neuralgia. It is expectorant, diuretic and sedative.” Culpeper’s Color Herbal.

My Interpretation: This will be a stable time for you. Things are falling into place, and you will feel stronger once all is as it should be. You may meet (or already know) someone who is intellectual, just, and ethical. These may also be traits that will help you during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The King of Swords is the Airy part of Air. The Kings are in Chokmah, the second sephirah, on the Tree of Life and are ruled by the Zodiac. St. Johnswort “is under the celestial sign of Leo and the dominion of the Sun.” Culpeper’s Color Herbal.

This king looks like he is ready to met out justice. He looks fair, but also determined.