Herbal Tarot - Nine of Wands - Bayberry Bark

Soaring Eagle

You can see the minor arcane cards in Constellation 9.

Description: A man is resting against a bayberry tree while holding a staff in one hand. There are eight staffs propped up close to the man. A sprig of bayberry is in front of the man.

Significant Details: The staffs symbolize strength of will. The bayberry symbolizes seeing clearly.

Keywords: Self-preservation, Vigilance, Perseverance, Waiting for the right moment

Medicinal Uses: Bayberry is astringent. It is used for sore throats, diarrhea, decongestant, and externally applied to sores and ulcers. “The berries furnish a fine, light-greenish, scented wax which is extracted…and made the wax into candles and soap.” American Nature Guides Herbs by Anna Kruger.

My Interpretation: You may need to pay more attention to your projects in order for them to come to completion. Wait for the right moment to start new projects.

Number Significance: 9 - Bringing things to completion, Fruition, Nearing the end. The 9 of Wands is ruled by the Moon in Sagittarius. The Nines are in Constellation 9 with IX Hermit and XVIII Moon. Completion. Perfection. Patience. Integrity. Authenticity. Illusion (Delusions vs. Reality). Karma. Culmination. Journey into the Unknown. Prudence. Reason vs. Instinct.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The man is looking away from us as if he is watching someone who is approaching.