Herbal Tarot - Page of Pentacles - Blue Flag

Soaring Eagle

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Description: A young woman sits on the ground holding a disc with a five-petaled flower on it. There is a pot with planting tools and a large Blue Flag plant beside her. There are bushes and mountains in the distance. The sky is stormy.

Significant Details: The disc represents security and wealth. The pot and tools symbolize creativity.

Keywords: Have an Effect, Be Practical, Be Prosperous, Be Trusting/Trustworthy

Medicinal Uses: Blue Flag is “a useful remedy for non-malignant enlargements of the thyroid. It also acts on the liver and will correct pale-coloured stools. In larger doses it is laxative.” Culpeper’s Color Herbal.

My Interpretation: This is a good time to be practical and studious in your efforts. This may be a prosperous time for you financially. This is also a good time to show that you are trustworthy to those around you. You may require some quiet time alone to sort things out.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The Page of Pentacles is the Earthy part of Earth. Blue Flag is ruled by the Moon. On the Tree of Life each page is in Malkuth which is ruled by the four elements.

This page looks like she is thinking about what to do with the disc.