Herbal Tarot - Queen of Swords - Lady's Slipper

Soaring Eagle

You can see the Queen cards here.

Description: A queen is standing with one foot propped on a pile of small rocks. She holds a sword over one shoulder. Behind her grows a large plant of Lady’s Slipper and there are mountains and large clouds in the background.

Significant Details: The sword symbolizes strength. The rocks symbolize stability. The lady’s slipper symbolizes calming. The mountains are the gateways to the spirit realm. The clouds symbolize hope.

Keywords: Honest, Astute, Forthright, Witty, Experienced

Medicinal Uses: “American Indians used a boiled extract of the roots for calming the nerves, and early settlers found that an extract was a good substitute for the garden heliotrope, or valerian, that women and children in particular had used as a sedative in Europe. They began to refer to the plant as American valerian. By the mid-19th century, American doctors were prescribing the root for such ailments as hysteria, delirium, irritability, headache, epilepsy, and neuralgia. It was reported that lady's-slipper was superior to opium for inducing sleep and that the herb was not narcotic. Today herbalists recommend lady's slipper as a sedative and an antispasmodic.”

“Due to its scarcity and cost, lady's slipper is now used on a small scale. A sedative and relaxing herb, lady's slipper treats anxiety, stress-related disorders such as palpitations, headaches, muscular tension; panic attacks, and neurotic conditions generally. Like valerian, lady's slipper is an effective tranquilizer. Lady's slipper reduces emotional tension and often calms the mind sufficiently to allow sleep. Indeed, its restorative effect appears to be more positive than that of valerian.”

“Lady's Slipper is one of the most widely applicable nervines that we posses in the materia medica. Lady's slipper will help elevate the mood, especially where depression is present. Lady's slipper can help in easing nervous pain, though it is best used in combination with other herbs for this purpose. Lady's slipper is perhaps at its best when treating anxiety that is associated with insomnia.” http://www.herbs2000.com/herbs/herbs_ladys_slipper.htm

My Interpretation: This may be a time of putting things into action. It is time to start a project that you have been putting off. You may feel more stable, and be more calm, during this time. You may meet (or already know) someone who is honest, witty, and fair. These may also be traits that you need to work on during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The Queen of Swords is the Watery part of Air. The Queens are in Binah, the third sephira on the Tree of life, and are ruled by Saturn. Marshmallow is ruled by Venus.

This queen appears to be searching for something. Will she find it? I think she will, she looks very determined.