Herbal Tarot - Seven of Swords - Wood Betony

Soaring Eagle

You can see the minor arcane cards in Constellation 7.

Description: Two swords are planted next to a wood betony plant and five swords are floating above the plant. There are mountains in the distance with a large fluffy cloud rising above.

Significant Details: The swords symbolize strength and protection. The mountains are the gateways to the spirit realm. The cloud symbolizes hope. The wood betony symbolizes the driving away of evil.

Keywords: Deception, Lies, Strategy, Careful planning, Craftiness

Medicinal Uses: Wood Betony is aromatic, astringent, blood purifying, sedative, and anti-spasmodic. It is used for diarrhea, migraines, and digestive problems. Culpeper’s Color Herbal. “This traditional remedy for headaches was once considered a cure-all that would drive away evil spirits.” American Nature Guides by Anna Kruger.

My Interpretation: This is a time for planning projects carefully, use your craftiness to see projects through to completion. This may be a time of deceptions and lies by those around you.

Number Significance: 7 - Discovery, Imagination, Instincts, Urges, Introspection. The 7 of Swords is ruled by the Moon in Aquarius. Wood Betony is ruled by Jupiter and the sign of Aries. The Sevens are in Constellation 7 with VII Chariot and XVI Tower. Starting. Causing. Stimulating. Control. Breakthrough. Self-Development. Insight. Building Up and Letting Go. Conflict and Trials.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Who has left these swords here? Were they left to ward off evil?