Herbal Tarot - Six of Cups - Watermelon

Soaring Eagle

You can see the minor arcane cards in Constellation 6.

Description: A boy is offering a girl a slice of watermelon. There are two large watermelons in front of them and six cups with watermelon flowers at the very front. There is a stream behind the children and mountains in the distance.

Significant Details: The cups signify containing life forces and emotions. The stream symbolizes life forces. The mountains represent the gateways to the spirit realm. The watermelons symbolize loving feelings.

Keywords: Nostalgia, Childlike wonder, Happiness, Generosity, Sharing

Medicinal Uses: “The flesh of watermelon contains 90% water, a small number of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin C (other vitamins in watermelon contains a few), folic acid, alkaline substances. It has a lot of magnesium and potassium. For therapeutic purposes, use the fruit, including rind. Watermelon is a diuretic, anti-sclerotic, protivoanemichnym, lowers blood pressure, antifebrific, choleretic action. “ http://www.medicalboom.com/medicinal-uses-of-watermelon/ “A mild laxative Promotes flow of urine Used in cases of rheumatism, kidney problems, accumulation of liquid in abdominal cavity, painful inflamed joints, excessive protein in blood, fevers, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary diseases, arthritis, indigestion, obesity, mouth and throat disease, arterial hypertension and constipation Also for contagious skin disease, kidney and bladder stones, inflammation of the urinary tract and prostate” http://healthmad.com/conditions-and-diseases/watermelon-medicinal-uses/

My Interpretation: You may be filled with great happiness or even have a childlike wonder about things right now. This is a time for sharing and generosity. You may fall into the nostalgia surrounding you.

Number Significance: 6 - Harmony, Social consciousness, Relaxation, Healing The 6 of Cups is ruled by The Sun in Scorpio. The Sixes are in Constellation 6 with the VI Lovers and XV Pan. Attraction and Division. Synergy and Separation. Exchange. Sharing and Relating. Reciprocity. Vitality. Sensuality. Connectedness. Ability to Discriminate between Good and Evil. Temptation. Obsession.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The boy is sharing the watermelon with the girl. How sweet. This card does remind me of my childhood, and time spent with the entire family.