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I am eagerly awaiting this deck and book in the post - this group is making such interesting reading and I love the simplicity of the cards I've seen so far. I thnk I like my tarot decks to have a sort of a rough, unpolished feel to them and from what I've seen of this deck I'd say it looks as though I'll really like it.

Can't wait for it to arrive :)


Sulis xx


Yes the deck gives me a good feeling too. I think it is a combination of the uncluttered images and the herbs. It made me take out my books on herbs again - I started a bit of a study in that and then lost interest. I think this deck will help me bring it back. I also really like the colours of the deck.


Hi Rainbowmoon..

I have this deck. Got it in an exchange last year and really haven't looked through it. But, I love herbs and so, I'll join in. I don't have the book for it, but I'll learn that part from you.:)
I see there are 4 posts already in the index. Shall we add to those or begin with a new card? Hh


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Hi folks,

It's good to see this group being revived.
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Have fun :).

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I just got an e-mail that my herbal tarot is at the post office waiting for me :) I'll pick it up on Monday. What timing! :) I'm in!

I really want to add some herbs cards and real ones to my tarot spells/rituals, so am excited about learning.


Good! The more the merrier! :D


Would love to participate

I will read the rules and get my deck out...


I really love my new deck. I have some chaos going on in my life today and this deck is really soothing me. I'm trying to let some drama slide right off me and not absorb it.

The 4 of Pentacles cracks me up. The you are constipated and anal retentive card :)

The pentacle cards are always the ones I check first. I get a lot of these for myself and the people I read for. The pictures are calming, respectful and appropriate for people in recovery, who have a lot of base chakra imbalances.

Right now my current tarot buying binge is all about calming and healing myself, but I see great potential in using this deck to read for others.

I think I might need to buy an herbal book. The LWB is quite good though.

I was planning on trimming this deck, but some of the borders look sloppy. I'm disappointed about this! If I trim this deck it will NOT be a relaxing trim.