Herbal Tarot - Two of Wands - Basil

Soaring Eagle

You can see the minor arcana cards in Constellation 2.

Description: A man is holding a small version of the earth in his left hand, and in his right hand he is holding a large staff. A second staff is propped against the balcony. A large basil plant is growing behind the man. In the distance you can see mountains, and a sun is barely visible above the basil plant.

Significant Details: The miniature Earth is representing man’s place in the universe. The staff signifies strength of will. The basil represents thinking clearly. The sun represents joy and contentment.

Keywords: Conquest, Drive, Original thinking, Initiative

Medicinal Uses: In Hindu homes it was once customary to “place a sprig of basil on the dead before burial to ensure their safe passage to the next world. According to Medieval superstition, scorpions liked to hide beneath pots of basil, and if a sprig was left under the pot it would hatch into a scorpion. Basil continued to inspire fear well into the 17th century when it was believed that taking snuff made from the powdered leaves would allow scorpions to nest in your brain.” Basil is used to alleviate indigestion and stomach cramps, and was once taken as snuff to relieve headaches or colds. American Nature Guides Herbs by Anna Kruger.

My Interpretation: You may face a tough decision between two options. Make your decision with a clear head, don’t get hasty in your decision. This may also be a time of reflection for you.

Number Significance: 2 - Duality, contrast, union or opposition, choice. The Twos are in Constellation 2 with II High Priestess, XI Justice, and XX Judgment. 2 - Intuition. Self-sufficiency. Self-trust. Independence. Duality. Self and Other. Choice. Analysis. Struggle. Division. Reflection. Counterpoise or Contraposition. Equilibrium. Adjustment.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: The 2 of Wands is ruled by Mars in Aries. Basil is ruled by “Mars and under the Scorpion.” Culpeper’s Color Herbal. To me, this man looks as if he is contemplating his place in the universe.