Herbal Tarot - VII - Chariot - Cyperus

Soaring Eagle

To see the major arcana cards in Constellation 7.

Description: The driver of the chariot is wearing a clock with a crescent moon on both shoulders, and a sun as a clasp. On his hat is a five-pointed star. He is grabbing a bloom of cyperus in both hands, as if steering with them. There is a ying/yang symbol on the front of the chariot, and a large cyperus plant in front of the chariot. There is a village in the background.

Significant Details: The ying/yang symbol is representing Cancer. The cypress is representing using our heads/knowledge to make our decisions. The chariot represents travel and movement. The way the driver is grasping the cyperus indicates control.

Keywords: Control, Drive, Victory, Self-confidence, Travel, Movement

Medicinal Uses: : Cyperus Longus is used for headaches and water retention. (Culpepper’s Color Herbal).

My Interpretation: This is a time of movement, and possibly of travel for you. You need to use your self-confidence during this time. You will achieve victory in a project you are working on.

Number Significance: The Chariot is in Constellation 7 with the XVI Tower and the Sevens. 7 - Starting, Causing, Stimulating, Control, Breakthrough, Self-Development, Insight, Building up and letting go, Conflict and Trials

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: