Herbal Tarot - XV - Pan - Lobelia

Soaring Eagle

You can see the major arcana cards in [https://skydrive.live.com/redir.asp...BB564F!935&authkey=*Hidks69eHE$]Constellation 6[/url].

Description: Pan is seated in a clearing surrounded by tall grasses. There is a large lobelia plant growing in front of him. Pan is holding a star in his hands.

Significant Details: The star signifies materialism, holding what is not yours, but for everyone. The lobelia plant signifies getting over addictions.

Keywords: Instinct, Wild abandon, Materialism, Addictions, Bondage

Medicinal Uses: Native Americans smoked dried lobelia to relieve asthma and to treat dysentery. It was also used to treat painful muscle spasms. Lobelia is used to take away addiction to smoking. American Nature Guides Herbs by Anna Kruger. Contains Lobeline, which may cause paralysis or even death if taken high doses. http://www.herbs2000.com/herbs/herbs_lobelia.htm

My Interpretation: This may be a time that you are following your instincts, possibly with wild abandon. This is a time to let go of materialistic ideas and addictions. This card can also signify being bound to a situation.

Number Significance: Pan is in Constellation 6 with VI Lovers and the Sixes. 6 – Attraction and Division, Synergy and Separation, Exchange, Sharing and Relating, Reciprocity, Vitality, Sensuality, Connectedness, Ability to Discriminate between Good and Evil, Temptation, Obsession

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: Pan is seen holding the star in his hands, possibly having taken it from the heavens. The stars belong to everyone, and are not for just one person. I think this is showing Pan as being selfish, having a need to hold what is for everyone.