Herbal Tarot - XVI - Tower - Garlic

Soaring Eagle

You can see the major arcana cards in Constellation 7.

Description: A large tower with two smaller towers attached to it is being struck by lightning. The top of the tower has flames shooting out in all directions. The sky is dark and story. There are mountains in the background. There is a large garlic at the front of this card with a light around the roots.

Significant Details: The lightning represents quick actions. The mounts represent the gateways to the spirit realm. The garlic represents a healing of the soul and body.

Keywords: Upheaval, Sudden change, Destruction of the unnecessary, Release

Medicinal Uses: Garlic is antiseptic, and a tincture can be applied directly to wounds. It also lowers blood pressure. Culpepper’s Color Herbal. Garlic is antibacterial and helps the immune system to fight infection. It can be used to prevent colds and coronary artery disease. American Nature Guides Herbs by Anna Kruger.

My Interpretation: You may experience rapid, drastic, changes during this time. This may be a time of upheaval as these changes occur. You need to release, let go of, thoughts/ideas that are not healthy for you. Keep an open mind about changes happening around you.

Number Significance: The Tower is in Constellation 7 with VII Chariot and the Sevens. 7 – Starting, Causing, Stimulating, Control, Breakthrough, Self-Development, Insight, Building up and letting go, Conflict and Trials

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: