Herbs and Crystals for female issues help request please?


a bit of an embarrassing one to share!
**cover eyes, ears, mouths! **
cramps/menorrhagia prolonged periods. I am given one option ablation im refusing it as not had children, yet I do want to try things im not expecting miracles but I do feel id be a good test candidate to see what works.
I would like to try both herbs and gemstones can anyone help with this please? tyvm

Gems tried dont work
Dolphin Stone


Raspberry leaf, as a tea can be helpful. Nettle tea can be as well.
There's nothing to be ashamed of with this post.


Truly and I hate to tell you this but I have suffered terribly from this since my very first one at aged 12, the only thing that worked for me was having children. It helped for a while then came back I had another child went away for a bit came back again. In between I had a curette at 15, tried the pill which just didn't work for me I had periods that lasted over two months. I had painkillers that were for arthritis that I had to take four days before I was due to start. I had the abalation two years ago but I am 50 so I understand your not wanting one but OMG the freedom! I don't have them anymore and it is fantastic! I truly thought I would have to have a hysterectomy but I didn't want to as of the moody menopause thing, I have only so far just started the hot flushes which I take evening primrose oil for and it works. I also suggest seeing a Gynaecologist if you haven't already as Dr's just don't get it, one a woman said to me oh your nearly 50 it will stop soon I had to miss out on days of work because I couldn't be away from the toilet they just don't understand. I wish you luck on your journey it's a hard one and nothing to be embarrassed about :love:


I second raspberry tea; also warm compresses; I've also heard that rosehip tea can help, and omega oils can help the whole system.

And as to stones, garnets are the thing for women's problems, and related to the blood flow. They have the added advantage of being thought of as the stone of success for women :)
Well, it can't hurt to try! They are gorgeous stones, too, and fairly readily available and affordable. Just make sure you aren't buying a red cubic zirconia! Real garnets are either dark red/slightly brown, like blood, or else a kind of dark reddish purple (purple looking especially when held to the light) like many red wines.

I also had the worst periods. Childbirth did help somewhat. Menopause helped 100%! }) no more periods! :party:


Thank you all,

yes nobody seems to understand it unless they are going through it.my mum did sya having children would help me. of course I dont want the ablation, I feel as if it will help with the periods yet I dont want menopause now.Ive found dating embarrassing so shy away from it.ive dated little and even long term Ive not been very intimate.im super shy and well they havent been able to handle my periods. i cant take the pill, then the whole talk becomes heated and they 'leave'. ive never met a good man a stayer.
I will try the raspberry tea and garnet I have a ring that was my mums.I never wear it. ill have to find a cheaper version thank you:)
I dont want to have this issue at all but, I sure dont want to be at a point where no chance to have children. if it gets so I cant do anything I will have to.its got to the stage im needing lots of days off and employers dont get it. they say take ibuprofen. I cant due to stomach issues so im doubled up wanting to faint and I cant go out because well, you need ot be close to having to vanish to toilets. while the want me to work as if im a robot and not in pain.I was once fired due to it because I had no idea what I was experiencing wasnt normal, my mum didnt understand drs either its only now as an adult they have said oh yes its abnormal. we have recognised it. I want to say to them about time!ive been in agony since my first at 14. I too take the pain killers the drs give me they just make me a zombie and sleep.

its exhausting.


A friend of mine in that boat ended up with an IUD. She couldn't take the pill either.
I know that it's so painful. You deserve a doctor who you can work with and who takes you seriously. I'm sorry that no one around you understands.


IUDS heard they can be tricky too. I went to the local market and asked for garnet they let me try out some pieces and said you can buy it in tumbled form? I bought a piece after trying a few
I bought heath raspberry leaf tea, its mixed in with apple, hibiscus, 1.79 tastes pleasant.
Drs Monday tyvm for help changing dr.


still going through this awaiting hospital checks.

using raspberry quartz, need to purchase the tea again. have not found a crystal yet that helps. Tried Garnet yet no luck with it helping on this occasion.

any other ideas?



I personally have very painful periods (had to leave work in the middle of the day and sometimes lie on the ground because I was getting too nauseous) and it's truthfully a nightmare, especially when you have irregular periods...It's like you have no control of your life! I'm currently 'late' in my cycle and could get my period any day now and I'm so stressed out at the idea of planning anything and leaving my house!

I don't use conventional painkillers for personal reasons, so I rely mainly on herbalism. I started using herbal tinctures a few months ago and it seems to help a lot. I wouldn't go out and I can't do chores but I'm not crying for 4 hours straight in my bed. I use 2 different tinctures, one is a mix of different herbs including Dong Quai. The other one is cramp bark tincture.
I also massage my belly with different essential oils (diluted in a carrier oil) and like to inhale some calming ones as well.
I love to drink raspberry tea and other herbal teas, but I find them more helpful for my PMS symptoms than for actual period troubles.

Hope it can help!

Onion Budgie

I was going to suggest moonstone, but you say you've tried that already. I find that rainbow moonstone works well for me personally.

Have you tried chrysocolla?