Herbs and Crystals for female issues help request please?


a bit of an embarrassing one to share!
**cover eyes, ears, mouths! **
cramps/menorrhagia prolonged periods. I am given one option ablation im refusing it as not had children, yet I do want to try things im not expecting miracles but I do feel id be a good test candidate to see what works.
I would like to try both herbs and gemstones can anyone help with this please? tyvm

Gems tried dont work
Dolphin Stone

I know how you feel, as I had memorrhagia too and I had many "operations" trying to help it to no avail. Childbirth also didn't help me with it. Even interestingly enough--MENOPAUSE! Well...sort of--as I thought I went throug menopause after 1 year and 2wks and then BAM! it started all over again. For the next oh, 6 mos. which I found out then is common. :bugeyed: My doctor told me they now tell women - 2yrs. before you can consider yourself period free now. who knew? :confused:

anyway, I always found chamomile tea and ginger root (or ginger tea or ginger ale) helped me immensely with my cramps and pains. Also my grandma's recipe for "Jello Tea", which many here on A.T. hear me always talking about. Recipe below:

Jello Tea: 1. boil some water as if for tea
2. pour half a packet of your fave jello flavor into a tea/coffee mug
3. add the boiling water and drink it slowly.

this truly helps to relax you and your muscles and helps so much!

Also try cinnamon. Even cinnamon tea. Cinnamon is suppose to help you with heavy periods. You can even add 1 TBL of cinnamon into your mug of hot water, stir and add honey. Drink this 3-4 x a day to help w/the heavy bleeding.

Parsley is also good to help reduce heavy bleeding. So, sprinkle some on your foods or boil some parsley and then after it comes to a heavy boil, let it sit awhile--pour into a glass and drink it before each meal. Its suppose to be better this way, but I'd rather just eat it on foods--not as potent that way--but still can help some.

Papaya is another good thing to help with heavy bleeding and cramping and sesame seeds too!

However, if you are pregnant, be sure to check w/your doctor on all these, as some of them can also cause miscarriages. Just be sure to check--its always safer to do so.

And, of course, rest and relaxation and a heating pad helps a lot too! You may also need to start this a few days before your next period to get it working before it starts. Good Luck.


There's no need to be embarrassed or shy. Did you check for endometriosis? That's a very painful condition especially when you menstruate. Doctors, family, friends should understand. So many women suffer, it's not trivial and not in your head. Find a good doctor whom you can trust, ideally a nice, kind woman (I have always been lucky with female gyns, hope the same for you).

Warm husk or spelt pillows may help, and I found many troubles in my health disappeared after I went vegan. Maybe you can try to leave away meat, eggs and milk at that time of the month?

Rose quartz and moon stone helped me, so did a camomile/fennel tea mixture, when I was younger and had menstrual troubles.

Ginger tea is my secret weapon against everything, I don't know whether it might help but you might try. I feel it helps my body to get into balance. (Home Healer recommends it!)

Rest, keep quiet, and do some relaxation exercises.

From my old and trusty "Home Healer" book by Angela Smyth:

B6 vitamin - 50 mgr, twice a day
B complex tablet

Warm bath, afterwards massage with essential oils of lavender and majoram in carrier oil of your choice. Massage the uterus area, lower back and legs (ask friend or partner to do so). Knees bent, massage with palms and second hand on top, small circular movements.

Homeopathy: best ask a practitioner, different kinds of cramps are treated differently

they also recommend yoga

Now that's more than you asked but I found it when I checked about the ginger so I thought I add it.

Anyway, it's a serious and very real pain, shared quietly by many women.

Take good care of yourself! You're precious and so is your health.


Was Carnelian mentioned? For all sorts of "women's ailments".

I'm so sorry.

I would emphasise finding a sympathetic doctor/gynecologist - and perhaps giving medical detail at work so people don't think you're moaning for nothing...? (perhaps easier said than done. Chaps in this day-and-age should really let go of the stigma of female waterworks and get their heads around biology!... but it depends where you are. I have a friend who's girlfriend has endometriosis and is now pregnant - he's taken it all in his stride... so these more open minded guys are out there...).

I've read great herbal and homeopathic directions here.
Perhaps there's a medical herbalist that you could find to help you in your area?

I wish you all the best.


Have you tried acupuncture? I have PCOS and it's helping that.


onaorkal they put me on mefanamic acid but, I was worried about it casuing blood clots, this is used to make blood clot and when you don't wish to move anywhere due to pain it's not the best idea.
Dong Quai Cramp Bark. I admit I do love raspberry leaf tea it has such a unsual taste which is calming and soothing plus it tastes yummy too! sorry you are going through this too! I have been so far drinking peppermint and fennel tea it is ok yet it doesnt hold a candle to raspberry leaf. I did use to use some tea which was specially blended for female issues . in the end I drank ginger tea it didnt do too much.

I find boiling milk in a saucepan till frothy adding cinnamon to it is comforting and I read it works for irreglar periods, it didnt for mine my only solace right now is the mefanamic acid I take 2 start of period and no more. This calms it down mostly. yet last period was so bad Im dreading the one thats on its way. I get very cranky and I am best avoided.

onion budgie

I havent tried crysolla, will see if I can look into this, everyone has been so helpful I have many herbs tinctures to try and gems. rainbow moonstone? I have some labradorite drawn to and spectrolite rainbows throughout, would this work in the same way do you think?

not tried acupuncture as I worry how expensive this could be yet if a short course works I wouldnt ignore it.

Celticnoodle, That jello tea is sounding yummy, it must be the gelatine that works. That really does sound nice, I might add vimto the mix!

cinnamon cant live without it, I have it everywhere I love it in perfume too. Parsley I have in the cupboard not fresh mind you but ive a thing about sprinkling herbs in everything especially oregano and a cheap pack of mixed herbs.

Nemia, rose quartz/moonstone sounds a nice gentle combination

lavender I use for sleep and headaches. I will try it on the stomach area it sounds as if so many of us suffer in silence as not to sound like a pain. Men are so lucky they dont endure this.Yet I do wish some of them would just so they would understand what we go through.

carnelian I have in a old ring of my mothers I might have to try this on during and see what happens.

I am studying herbalism and hope to qualify one day its such a large course with so much to read, by the time I finish it, I might be hitting the menopause myself. I should really put my head in books.

I heard chocolate is the worst thing during this time yet its what I crave by the truckload!
I also eat a lot of bananas and one thing that I get pulled towards is the smell of orange oil I wonder if oranges can help vit c.

I have to remove myself from the net I have to be at the spiritualist church and I've a cold cup of hot chocolate.

Jello tea is calling me, sounds yummy! I like drinking hot vimto so cant wait to try that out

I have a female doctor now I changed surgeries as was sick of talking to a DR who thinks period pain is for complainers, get on with it, ignore it it will go away. so I now have a female dr who wants to look into endometriosis as mentioned a ultra sound as well as other internal exams. ( not looking forward to that) I have said I am unable as the meds they have listed I am to take have a whole list of ingredients I am allergic to. They are trying to find an alternative!

I have evening primrose in cupboard. I was glad to find poundstore had bottles of these so its sabing some pennies, surprisingly some things are cheap others more. so I am having to budget, I had a issue at bank with my card as I forgot a bill coming out before I went to buy a tincture oops. I am usually good with spending but I was in pain and well men dont get these emergencies with periods, we do I had to do something.

so I have to be very careful now indeed and say no to big spends.


Has your doctor done an ultrasound or similar to check for cysts? PCOS is a very common disorder, and it gives me similar symptoms. Not all women with PCOS display facial hair, weight gain etc. so if your doc hasn't checked there may be other treatments for you.

**ETA somehow I missed that there was a second page and this has been mentioned already, sorry.