Hexagram Spread



The Hexagram spread is used to divine and improve your
relationship with the Gods. *This should
be done at a maximum of once per week.

This is an advanced spread for communing with the Gods within
you and should be taken very seriously.
It is very important that you make a plan to improve your relationship
with the Gods. *This isn’t simply about
spiritually connecting with exterior entities, but for connecting with the
deepest parts of yourself.

1.**** Say a prayer to the Angel
of the Tarot asking for guidance in reading this spread.

2.*** Shuffle 3 times while asking
the question: “What is my current
relationship with the Gods”?

3.*** Deal out the cards, face
down, in the order of the Tree of Life: *Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon.

4.*** Turn over, and read, one
card at a time. *Take your time.

5. Record your results.