High Priestess as Holy Spirit


In Waite's 1913 book The Secret Doctrine in Israel, he does a long analysis of the arguments for and against that Shekinah is the Holy Spirit. His final conclusion is that while there is one definite statement in the Zohar on the no side, there's a mountain of evidence on the yes.

"If anyone will read over with care similar to my own the references which I have now provided on both sides of the question, I believe that they will conclude with me, as against the one definite statement on the negative side, that there is a cumulative affirmative evidence crowned by a most clear affirmation: 'The Holy Spirit—this is the Shekinah.' "​

This is of interest where the Magician is concerned as Waite mentions the Holy Spirit twice in his description of that card; in reference to the lemniscate above his head, which he calls "the mysterious sign of the Holy Spirit, the sign of life . . .", and again toward the end in connection with a reference to the number eight. It's fairly obvious from the image that it's Binah (Shekinah) from which the Magician derives his "Powers and Gifts of the Spirit," but this is further confirmation and adds clarity.

Waite also mentions the same "symbol of life" in his comment on Strength, and it's interesting to note the woman's head is lined up directly below Binah.

In the RWS we know the High Priestess is Shekinah, so it stands to reason she is also the Holy Spirit. :)