High Priestess - Druidcraft - is she blind?

ana luisa

I just got my Druidcraft and I am fascinated by it. I was just curious as to what you think of the High Priestess. In many decks she is by far one of my favorites but in the DC she looks scary and BLIND! My husband told me "nah, can´t you see she has her eyes closed?". I truly can´t. To me, they are way too bright. It also fits the idea of someone who is so wise that she does not need to "see' anymore. But, am I crazy? Did anyone feel this too? Is there a way I can "paint" the eyelids to soften this brightness? Waiting for the advice of the many artistic taroists...


The first time I saw the Druidcraft High Priestess I thought she was blind; however, upon closer inspection she does appear to have her eyes closed.

The eyelids may be reflecting the moonlight. Note how the cast of light & shadow throw the eyelids into relief & gives them dimension against the rest of the face. Also the moonlight hits the top of the head & further creates the curious cast of light & shadow. Streaks of white against the rest of the hair to denote wisdom; spirituality.

If she is blind, then she is not seeing with the carnal eye but with the inner eye--as a High Priestess does.


i too was spooked a little - and felt disappointed - when i first saw this card, as i use this card a lot when meditating.

she DOES seem as though she is blind, but her eyes are closed and th emoon is reflecting off them......perhaps giving her the insight and energy from the moon to do her "work"?

i like what you have both said about not needing to see with her eys anymore....she is seeing with her second sight instead.

she looks scary but perhaps this is to put off people who are looking to learn from her...only the ones who are determined and pure of intent can see past her looks and see her for what she really is, a teacher.

jue xx

Mystic Leo

This card grows on you after a time.

I think we can see the mystery in this High Priestess, with her eyes closed and in meditative state.

She is so different and there is an attraction towards her in a strange way. Dont you think!

I love her though its taken awhile to get to that place.

Her necklace is of acorns indicating great potential.


Here she is:

I agree that she has her eyes closed and looks as if she's in some sort of trance or ecstatic state.

I like her althoug I didn't at first. She seems a lot more active than The High Priestess usually does, calling on the Goddess... Maybe she's actually drawing down the moon and so is actually filled with the Goddess, hence the strangeness of the eyes.
Although having said that, Drawing down the moon is done at the Full and not the crescent moon..

I hadn't noticed the acorn necklace, thank you Mystic Leo.

The thing that I really love about this card is that it shows the same scene as The Moon card does but from the other side of the standing stones.


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Sulis said:
Here she is:
Although having said that, Drawing down the moon is done at the Full and not the crescent moon..

Hmm convention says we draw down the moon at its fullest... but I dont see why we cant draw down the moon at any time, like we draw on our subconscious and our intuition whenever we need that guidence...

Just an idea.


hey sulis, i hadn't noticed that before!

she seems almost animal-like to me.....full of the raw energy of nature and devoid of human-ness in a way....it's hard for me to put it into words! lol

jue xx


ana luisa said:
the High Priestess. In many decks she is by far one of my favorites but in the DC she looks scary and BLIND! ..

hi everyone!
There is the ancient Celtic concept of the "pale faced goddess" of the Celtic Otherworld to be kept in mind. That is the world of farie and the Tuatha de Danann ... Just like the Moon card where we see the pillars in the background and a wolf = wildness and a dog - one, that I would look upon as one of the mystical hounds of the Otherworld so often portraied in Celtic art.
By the way, the mut is white and white is the colour that to the old Celts indicates the supernatural - Now we see it here in the dog as well as in our priestess.......


well pointed out mi-shell.

when you examine a card and ask others for their input, it suddenly makes you realise that there is a lot more to the card and its symbols than first meets the eye. ;)

jue xx


This card does grow on you after a time, like Mystic Leo says.

I was disappointed at first,too. But it was not because of her eyes (which I think are closed) but that she is so very thin (it looks so ungrounded to me) and because of that awful whip she has beside the book.
Also the Lady in the Wheel has one hanging from her belt. I really dislike such hints on being harsh on yourself.. Is that some self-torture thing, like with Christian monks?
The Craft is about being gentle to yourself ("All act of Love and Pleasure are my rituals"), right? So what do such whips do in these cards?