Himself (17)


There were so many who chose Him as their fave card, I had to start a thread all for Him so we could talk more about this lovely Fae man. I was surprised there wasn't one already!

I still haven't read the definition of this card, as the definitons are depressing me (they're all so wrong so far!!!!) I keep thinking : My Faeries don't mean that, they mean THIS. Which is what they're meant to do anyhow :D (And, I'm going out today to get a blank book just for the FAe and write down all my own interpretations before reading the book's anymore).

When I saw this card, it was like looking into a magic mirror that can show you what you would look like as the opposite sex (for me), and THEN what you would look if you were turned into a Fae.

This card I set aside early on while piling and re-piling my cards just so I could look at him a lot. I fell in love with him in a completely narcisscistic way. I loved him and I loved the me that I saw in him.

That lovely green skin. And the eyes, those eyes -- those deeply stoned, but still intense and piercing, not dopey, eyes. It reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite movies (Steve Martins' L.A. Story) "... And he looked down at me with deeply stoned eyes and said, 'Little lady, let your mind go and your body will follow.'"

Those lovely stars that crown Him, lighting up his heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Empahtic wisdom. Flower consciousness.

I made him crack a smile last night. I focused on him and teased him into a slight grin. HA! What other human girl can do that for you I asked Him, wanting HIm to find me special too.

He is just beautiful. I can see why so many chose Him as their fave - he was in that pile for me as well, but got weeded out as something distinct and separate. For me, he certainly is an individual, and doesn't want to be classed together with other Faes.

What are your thoughts on this incredible Fae creature?


I love Himself also!! To me he's sexy in a calming spiritual way - if that's possible. (well I guess it is - at least for me LOL)


I also think there is something about Himself but I would term it sensuality :)
rather than sexuality ... Would love to curl up in his arms one day just to sit & feel the energy :)


faunabay said:
I love Himself also!! To me he's sexy in a calming spiritual way - if that's possible. (well I guess it is - at least for me LOL)

Ditto ... I know what you mean Faunabay. The intensity of his gaze is very sexy, but not in a sexual way ... it just penetrates your soul. He also appears to leaning forward a bit as if reaching towards you to draw you in. Sensual but very very spiritual. Is that what you meant?


He's sensual, all right.

I remember the first time going through the Oracle -- as well as Tobiara of the Waters (I just love her), He caught my eye too.

To me, He is sensual, yes. That intense gaze made me think of moonlit runs through the woods beneath a sky full of stars, the air heavy with the scent of honeysuckle and magic. But He also broke my heart. Not in a bad way, though -- I don't know how to explain. I felt sharp love-pains in my heart, and I felt like weeping, but weeping in His arms.


Re: He's sensual, all right.

Mallika said:
But He also broke my heart. Not in a bad way, though -- I don't know how to explain. I felt sharp love-pains in my heart, and I felt like weeping, but weeping in His arms.

Mallika put it into better words than I could have. He's like a guy who doesn't show his emotions, very private guy yet you want him to open up to you and only you. He broke my heart too. hehehe :)


his energy

I have yet to own this deck, but I've been following this forum anyway b/c I want it so badly. In any case, I first heard about himself from this thread, and everyone's posts got me SO interested in what he looked like. Alissa told me that he was one of the cards shown here when you look at the images of the deck. I looked it up and WOW. Talk about pulling you RIGHT in, and this is just over the computer which I am positive it doesn't do him any justice. As if I wasn't called enough by this deck, seeing himself felt like being pulled RIGHT into a faery ring. After I saw him is when I decided to take a second look at my finances and I was ready to run out and buy the deck today. However, no one has it, and supposedly, it's out of print.

To continue further with what I felt...now it's like, I NEED him, I want to "own" him as I "own" my husband and my children. Not to cage him but to have with me...always. His eyes, so intense and serious, seductive. They also seem as though he knows raw truth, and the type that wouldn't be afraid to tell you what that truth is no matter how much it hurt you. It seems as though his arms isn't necessarily outstretched to pull you in, but more in the manner of cornering you against a wall and pinning you to see what you'll do next, starring deeply into you, and that feeling of he knows what lies deep inside. That basic rawness of pure lust, and having to tame it. This is where the heart breaks lie, that feeling of untangible desires. The essence of true artists in this world, the writers, painters, dancers, actors, etc. Those that would let us see into dreams, and allow us to escape from our realities. I must have him! grins!


Yep, that's the way I feel, too. If I saw him walking on the street, I'd definately ask him to have a drink ;).

Strange, how He makes you love him...

While reading this posts I was pondering again whether my guide (whom I met the day before yesterday) was Himself or not. He kinda looks like him, but then he doesn't, and he feels way different. I just decided it isn't Himself, when my pc shut down. My guide I guess. 'No, I'm not Him, be happy with what you got!'

I'm grateful that my guide isn't Himself. I couldn't handle Him. Don't know why exactly, but I just couldn't.

So, to my guide, whoever you are: you are perfect for me! Honestly! ;)



There is such an animal magneticism to Himself, He really does draw you right into His world ... whether you're ready or not!

I love hanging with Him though, He's my Faery party buddy ;).


Himself is the Brad Pitt of fairies. :D