Himself...on his head


I have taken up the practice of drawing a new faerie every two or three days. I don't want to do a daily draw yet, as i am still getting to know each of them, and sometimes it takes DAYS to do so!
This Morning I got Himself...who looked a tad bit silly appearing on his head in the reversed position.

Himself doesn't appear very often...in fact this is my real first chance to get to know him.

The first thing that occured to me was that Himself, in that position, was admonishing me for something...like a stern parent who needs to get his child to stop squirming, and really listen up.
But I am not too sure what it is that I could have done wrong(except for maybe a bit of procrastination...)
But something about Himself seems really serious...

I am curious what the rest of you fine Fae folk think of Himself, when he appears upside down.
Everyone here has such great stories about thier Fae! And each person has a diverse and unique perspective, and very valuable insight.
Himself isn't talking directly to me, like the other Faeries do, so I am wondering what you all think of Him!



The way that I view reversed cards is they mean the same thing right side up, only it's internalized vs. external. If you'd like more on this, send me a pm and I'll explain in more detail.

Himself (right side up) represents to me a God, a God that perhaps has been put in the background, or perhaps a God that is in a pool of other Gods, in either case, a God no less. He speaks to me of passion, beauty, to live life. He is the taker of life, yet he is what fertilizes the ground come spring, so a giver of life as well. He's shamnistic with raw, powerful, sexual energy. He is the magician, a priest, your best friend, the guy who you were too scared to admit to him you like(d) him. Himself thinks of us as being silly for our inhibitions, for he has none (or at least none that i know of). You can watch him dancing wildly, cermoniously, magically around a camp fire. He's a free spirit, one that loves to party, one that everyone can trust and confide into for he does not judge. He listens so you can release it, and afterwards will invite you into his dance. He can entrance you, love you, help you, guide you if you'd like, but in the end, he will break your heart by leaving you (that is if you fall in love with him). He belongs to no one, and perfers it that way. He's loved many people, in fact, he'd tell you he loves everyone. He's pinned me against the wall, looked deeply into my eyes to where his eyes were all I could see, and asked me the question "what is it about your sexuality that you are so afraid of" and being cornered by that raw passionate energy, I was left speechless, I had no choice but to be entranced with his energy, dance with him in his circle around the fire wildly, and in the end, I had to leave and live again with the knowledge of what life could be like, one condition, I could live like this everyday if I was willing to give up my inhibitions.

So, I ask you, as he would ask, what inhibitions do you have, and how is that inhibition being a problem in your life, what is it that you are running away from. It's much easier to face what we fear then to live the rest of our lives in fear. This inhibition, this fear that he is trying to point out to you is deeply set inside. Pull out the card again before you go to bed, ask for his assistance in understanding more of what he means, put him under your pillow at night and write down your dreams the next day, review them and see what meanings they have.

I hope this has helped, and I hope others reply soon, as i too am interested!


Himself represents an active principle in the FO (not only in the FO though). He is a manifestation of expression, acting. He is revealed in his wildness, natural nature :) and untameability. Himself is a symbol of potency and power. In some celtic myths Himself is a father of all. But depicting the structure of oracle, I'd say that he is a result of tender care of the Bright Mother. She brought him up as a personality, or individuality. He is Himself, self-oriented, self-expressed. And now Himself, like a ripe fruit falls off the tree, gaining freedom, is independent. Not only he is independant from his Mother, but also of everything that is incompatible with his true nature, artificial. Himself's energy flows both directions - inner and outer. Inwards he is a shaman, who is free of addictions and physical body, who realizes that form is somewhat unimportant. The most precious thing is inside. "Don't lose yourself!" he reminds me. Outwards he is a wild horned god, dancing around the fire (as Sagitarian justly wrote :)). He likes nature, he is wild and potent, he actually is a very sexual god in this aspect. He interacts with reality, knows the order of things. Himself possesses knowledge of world order. I say there are 2 directions (inner and outer), but in fact there are no directions at all. That's what Himself teaches to me. You are 'inside' what you are 'outside'. You are one. You cannot comprehend the world from a nutshell, nor you can travel inside yourself if you are too bound to the outer world. 'Look at him' Himself says, pointing down to the Gloominous Doom, 'he concealed himself in a nutshell, he rejected his inner self, but then he couldn't get his outer self'. 'He lost his true self, he 'unplugged' himself from the Source'.

Himself is free of addictions to material world, like every other shaman, but doesn't underestimate the value of things.

In a reversed position he _might_ say that you are trying to ignore some part of your world, either outer (value of life in terms of joy, wildness, natural being) or inner (reflections, emotions). I hear a song streaming from speakers. It's 'All the way' by New Order. I know it has nothing to do with the FO, but as I am learning to read signs, I heard that when I wrote the word 'inner' it sang - "to find the truth, such yourself, and not depend on anyone'. That's quite on topic, I guess. :) Another point could be is that you are trying not to listen to your inner voice. That's not always Himself's point, but, hey, who told faeries that they have to stick to their 'meanings'?? :)

EnJOY your life, be wise, be in charge when needed, be in the shadows to see your reflections in the waters, see the drops ripple in the puddles, see what those raindrops (I guess, it'll be snowflakes on your palm since it's winter now) trying to tell you - you can learn a new form of divination. *lol* I'm talking about rain, because it's always summer in the Faery world, they enjoy life eternally. :)


Gee, long posts here.

Let's say that Himself is something intense, knowing and protective and realized and important to you.

If it's reversed, it means there's something intense, knowing and protective and realized and important to you that you're not accessing.

You were ill recently, right? Who's taking care of you now?


Hi Chronata,
Wonderful replys you got I can hardly add a thing to all this wisdom.

I just saw your Empress card and I would have to say that as a purely predictive card Himself was telling you to get off your duf and get this card out to us.
That you have inhibitions about showing it to us that are unfounded.
And once you let go of those inhibitions you'll be free to dance and glow in the praise you're going to recieve for your wonderful talent.
And very well deserved praise.
She is beautiful.

I also think Himself might become your mentor or touchstone card as you work on your deck.
Lucky you! That's like having the most popular boy in class ask you to the prom!

Also he could be telling you, you haven't completely recovered from your illness and your energy isn't restored yet.
Be careful and take care of yourself.


Thank You,Thank You everyone!

Oh it's amazing how much I have learned from Himself in the past couple of days!

I have learned why he doesn't have the same dialogue as some of the other Fae.
He enjoys riddles(especially spiritual ones) almost as much as I do! He is especially enigmatic, because he knows I like to figure things out, and make connections between seemingly unconnected things! There is much more value , and I remember the lesson better, if I have had some time to ferret it out for myself, rather than just have it told to me.

I also know what it was he was admonishing me for! When I turned on the Television this morning, I realized that I hadn't paid the cable bill, and now there is no TV. This harkens back to an old deeper issue involving trust, money, commitment and taking charge of things!

I think Himself is also partly responsible for why the Internet homepage on my computer is currently a sex search site, that apparently doesn't easily go away!

To Sagitarian...I love the idea of reading reversals as internalized as opposed to externalized. I tend to have a love /hate relationship (mostly hate) with the idea of reversals in any oracle system. This really helps, thank you! The rest of what you have said about Himself really makes sense too! I love your insights!
Especially the part about inhibitions. That really hits home, as I am now clearing away all my inhabitions about sharing my art with folf on the internet.

To Octopus...oh yes! I so understand now! Himself really does have the same kind of energy as the Pagan Horned God...a definate Hearne the Hunter energy and that wild abandon and sexuality of Pan, that I am willing to explore once again!
Your annalogies of The Inner and Outer substance are really great! I know that I have actually been ignoring several messages both with my outer life, and my inner, higher existance!

To dobro...Yes, I was, and still sort of am, Ill, with a case of really evil Flu with a sinus, ear and urinary tract infections all on top! Thanks to the Singer of Healing, and some wonderful TLC from my family, I am feeling well enough to start taking care of me again.

To Lark...What can I say? Your words of praise and light mean so much to me! Thank you so much! I really value your continual wisdom and kindness! :)
It was really hard for me to finally get that card scanned and up for all to see. Usually because I don't do well with criticism. Himself was very stern, yet loving and persistant, to make me get this done! He does sort of remind me of that cute and popular boy in class...the one I always thought was way too cool to notice me! And he is still pretty cool...and I love the way he changes his aspect and age, from the young, cool ,sophisticated and sensual charmer, to the wise, and quietly wild father/god figure!
And yes, he is reminding me that I am not completely well, and that this dizzyness I feel is a sure sign that I could use more rest!
(Though,it's hard to rest when the Sylph is buzzing around reminding me of all the great ideas and projects I can accomplish!)

Himself definately pushed me in regards to my tarot deck, but I don't think he's going to stick around as my project guardian or mentor...
Actually I asked the cards which Fae would be my touchstone guardian throughout this project of completing my tarot...and I was pleasently surprised to see my own shaggy little Faery Guide, come bounding up, leading the Singer of Connection!
Wow...I do feel lucky now! What an awesome Fae to grace my work!
(and now my guide wants to play too, so I will have to start a new thread to share him with all of you!)