historical deck the size of playing cards


Exactly what the title says: I'm looking for a historical deck (with typical pip arrangements) about the size of regular playing cards. I have the Noblet (and love it!) but the card stock is simply too stiff for my style of shuffling.

I'd also be open to a regular size deck with large borders that I could trim down to a smaller size, if anyone has suggestions.

Laura Borealis

The Mamanmiyuki comes in a mini size. I have no idea about the cardstock but there is this thread here. It might not be the easiest deck to get hold of.


The CBD is quite small - I'll go and measure mine. 12 x 6 cm, and if you trim off the borders, 11.5 x 5.7 cm. Very nice smooth flexible card stock, too.



Like you I prefer pocket-sized decks that are similar to poker-sized playing cards. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of them around! It's mostly standard tarot size, and then minis, which I like but not as much as pockets.

I have the Mamanmiyuki (a redrawing of the Madenie), and the cardstock isn't too thick. It's a "tall mini" like the Lo Scarabeo minis for reference, and therefore easier to handle than the very small ones. The Ancien Tarot De Marseille mini Grimaud is the same size.

You may want to look at the Vandenborre Tarot that Tag_jorrit recently reproduced. It's bridge-sized (2.25" x 3.5" or approx. 57mm x 89mm). I don't have it yet, but have many of her Lenormands, and they are excellent productions and the linen cardstock is made to be handled and shuffled!

The Robledo TdM is a small-ish tarot size: about 4 1/2" x 2 5/16" (11.2cm x 6cm). The cardstock is very unique, it reminds me of a matte photo paper. Very flexible and shuffle-friendly, even though the deck may seem thick on first impression. It has square corners, but I'm considering a tiny rounding to make it even more comfortable in the hand.


The miniature size version of the Lo Scarabeo Universal TdM is actually on the largish size for a miniature, so it might pass muster as a smallish playing card size.


I was a little off in the measurements I gave above. Here are a bunch of measurements for those like me who like all the detail to compare :rolleyes: :laugh:

Mamanmiyuki Tarot
= 80mm x 43mm (~3 1/8" x 1 11/16")

Lo Scarabeo mini decks are almost the same (Tarot Art Nouveau mini, Universal Tarot)
= 80mm x 44mm (~3 2/8" x 1 3/4")

Ancien Tarot de Marseille (mini Grimaud) by France Cartes is smaller:
= 75mm x 40mm (~2 15/16" x 1 5/8")

Albano-Wait Tarot Mini (US Games)
= 63mm x 42mm (~2.5" x 1 11/16")

Poker decks = 3.5" x 2.5" (89mm x 64mm)
Bridge decks = 3.5" x 2.25" (89mm x 57mm)
Pocket Universal Waite = 3.5" x 2.25" (bridge) (89mm x 57mm)
deck-in-a-tin (Gummy Bear, Vanessa) = 3.75" x 2.5" (tall poker) (95mm x 64mm)

Another option to think about is either the Lo Scarabeo Classic Tarot or Tarot of the Master. The former would have more standard pips. I trimmed my Tarot of the Master of all borders and it came out a nice size. Tall, but very slim:
= 111mm x 54mm (4.5" x 2 1/8")


Tarot Gaudais 1860 Fournier


Thank you! Lots of good suggestions here. I will check these decks out.