History Channel [USA]: "Playing Cards and The Occult"


The History Channel is showing "Playing Cards and The Occult" at 9:00 EST TONIGHT!

You have thirty-five minutes to get the dishes done and walk the dog!



I don't have cable but I am having a friend tevo it!


It's called "Decoding the Past: The Secrets of Playing Cards..."

Tansey Ella



If you missed it, watch for the rerun - the last half was all about Tarot.
Nothing new to most of you, but some interesting connections/speculation.

"Tarot is a mirror of the self" - where have we heard that before? :cool4:

And I love how the Knights Templar sneak into these presentations -
I hear my old mates sharing a chuckle, I swear....

sir brenmck :rolleyes:


They said that Crowley was a student of Waite's???

Wow! Would make them BOTH turn in their graves!

They were both initiated at different times and places into the Golden Dawn; they each developed their own orders; they each translated a different book of Eliphas Levi's into English; and they were each involved in the creation of a deck painted by another...

...but Crowley and Waite are independent of each other, and neither the student of the other - though they each had definite views (not so positive) about each other.

It would have been nice to have access to the programme, but I presume it only showed in that small corner of the world.


"They said that Crowley was a student of Waite's???"

Yes, they did. i wasn't sure to believe everything they had to say, alot of it seemed far off from what i am reading from robert place's history,symbolism book. eh.


Wish I would have seen this thread earlier so I could have watched this show. Since the History Channel repeats things a lot - and sometimes on the other Discovery Channels, I'll keep an eye out for the repeat!


I just looked it up on my tevo.... It's going to play again at 6:00 am on Sunday