HOF: 13-The Speaker of Truth


I don't think this fae is someone who speaks easily or quickly. This is the thoughtful 'think before you speak' admonishment come to life. This is the slow, deep almost sacred speech of the shaman.

Who's truth is spoken here?
Is this the truth of us all, or only of the One speaking?
Is this a burden? Or a joy?

The heart chakra area is lit on the fae. Iget the sense that this fae is doing something and that the picture here, like a photograph, caught him in the act of doing some kind of ritual or working and that our being here sort of interrupted him. There is tolerance in the face, as if we children must be tolerated, but that we are disturbing a bigger, more important activity. Even though the face is young, I feel ancient power here. A pulse. The drum is drumming...can you feel it?

First time I looked at this all I could see was Mi-Shell. Still do.